This is a recording from an evening event in London (6th December 2017) with Steve Ahnael Nobel and Catherine Björksten. The event was called Dream Your Year 2018 Into Being. “We are living in a powerful time of global and personal transition. Our planet is shifting as higher frequencies of light are impacting the Earth. This is a time for many of great challenge and great opportunity. 2017 and 2018 are pivotal years in the awakening process and many are feeling a deep urge to shift their lives in a meaningful way. You did not incarnate on the Earth plane to remain stuck in dead-end jobs, unfulfilling relationships and self-sabotaging thought forms. In short, you are not here to experience mediocrity because you are not mediocre. You hold the power to awaken something deep, meaningful and important to you and to the world. No one else can actualise this destiny but you- although many can support, encourage and guide along your journey………..” This talk addresses issues of: our planetary shift from 3D to 4D and then to 5D. How this process includes healing many of the splits and schisms such as light/dark, superior/inferior. us/them. The evening also explored how possibilities such as synchronicity, flow and how we create our reality are not possible in 3D consciousness they only begin to open as we move into 4D and 5D consciousnesses.



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