“Mount Shasta experience was life changing. I met wonderful, most amazing people and shared a heavenly love. The visit to the hot bath was quite exhilarating (Stewart Mineral Springs). Living by the lake…where you could go for a dip in the lake every morning and watch the sun rise…Totally magical experience. Love”


Have you ever wanted to visit one of the most sacred sites on the planet? A place where thousands have pilgrimaged over the years, centuries, aeons – discovering this mountain to exist in a multidimensional vortex of energy, awakening experiences of profound spiritual transformation and Magic.
Mount Shasta is a powerful sacred vortex point on the planet. The mountain overlooks a beautiful small town, incredible green forests, lakes, rivers and outstanding scenery. It is said to be the great mystical mountain of an ancient land of Lemuria, a great civilization aeons in our past. Today it is referred to as the Crown Chakra of the planet, and also the Root Chakra (depending upon the perception it is perceived at) – it emenates an incredible connection to the cosmos, and the earth.
Beautiful Cabins by gorgeous Lake Siskiyou: Situated on the lake of Siskiyou overlooking the beautiful mountain. Take breathtaking walks, enjoy sunrises and sunsets by the lake and on the mountain, soak in the incredible beauty and tranquillity of this very unique place. Visit the many powerful sacred sites around Shasta. From beautiful mountain heart-shaped lakes to meadows of unparalleled beauty. Areas of land that radiate harmonic energies, allowing for instant communion and connection with higher realms. And much more…



This September 2016 we are taking a special group of souls to Mt Shasta, California for a powerful transformative retreat led by heart centred Spiritual Facilitators at one of the most sacred sites on the planet.

This retreat is brought to you in partnership between LCS (London College of Spirituality) and Sacred Journeys.
Surrender to the Magic that is Mt Shasta and journey with Facilitators who have visited there for over a decade. For 8 days come and experience a deep, powerful transformative awakening, expansion. Allow yourself to let go into the stillness, being-ness as we offer a retreat to meet all levels of Spirit, Body, Mind and strengthening, reconnecting to Source and the Higher Dimensional frequencies available in this special land.
Our retreats are a beautiful Community experience, where we focus on connecting to one another from your beautiful soul family as much as on transformation. We have been visiting Mt Shasta for many years and work to channel the energies and amplify them to provide a space for Magic, Mystery, Spiritual Connection – through group work which works incredibly powerfully here.
We have also witnessed individuals making life long friends as well as profound inner transformation, with many stepping onto their spiritual path following the retreat, as Shasta guides the way.
Your facilitators are: Vaz Sriharan, (also Retreat Organiser). Polina Emelianova, (also Retreat Co-Ordinator), Aang Aakha, Himesh Gohil, Delilah Falvo, Savitri Sriharan, Kathy Zavada, and myself Steve Ahnael Nobel.
  • Daily Yoga/Movement
  • Daily Silent Meditation & Prayer
  • Daily Powerful Energetic Light Transmissions, Activations & Attunements
  • All Inclusive High Vibrational Freshly Cooked Vegan Food: Breaksfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Drink the Sacred Head-Waters of Shasta flowing directly from inside the mountain itself, activating light quotients on a cellular level
  • Exclusive use of Hot Stewart Mineral Springs: Cleanse your Body, Mind and Soul with this profound experience of bathing in hot mineral spring baths direct from inside Shasta and cleansing in the natural cold creek pool. With tranquil outdoors meditation areas and beautiful views.
  • Reflection Time: Time to yourself, to unwind, detox from your Home environment
  • Evening Ceremonies
  • Group Healings
  • Community Heart Circles & Gatherings
  • Dance, Song, Music, Chanting
  • Bond, have fun with beautiful souls in the group


Listen to this podcast-interview with three of the presenters of the forthcoming Shasta Retreat

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