Listen to Robert Fritz talk about his best-selling book The Path of Least Resistance.

Drawing on his background as a composer, Robert believes that creativity should not be seen as an innate gift, but a skill that can be learned, practised and mastered. The same skills used by “artists” to produce their masterieces can be used to create anything from a computer program to a functional kitchen. The book takes the reader through the steps of creating, from conception to action, and how to make the most of each stage as you travel through it. Robert also speaks about how to make the right choices to improve your ability to create what you want, and the importance of having a firm grip on current reality and future vision in order to move from where you are to where you want to be.

Robert Fritz is an accomplished composer, filmmaker, and writer and he is also an organizational consultant for some of the largest companies in the world. Robert is the author of a number of books including The Path of Least Resistance which details how a person can utilize the creative process and the knowledge of structure to create their life according to their highest aspirations and deepest goals. Robert lives in southern Vermont with his wife and colleague Rosalind.


Podcast: The Path of Least Resistance. from Steve Nobel on Vimeo.


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