FREE TELESEMINAR: Expressing More of Your Divine Light. (8pm GMT Thursday 2nd March, 2017)

Since the 2012 alignment we have entered a powerful time of spiritual acceleration. Our planet is being restored to its rightful place a sacred planet. We are shifting from collective 3D fear/separation paradigm to 5D love/unity consciousness. In this process, anything (present life or any other lifetime – this dimension or other) that stands in the way of the restoration of our inner light is coming up for clearing. This clearing opens the way for more light to reach us. It opens the channel connecting us to our Higher Self, guides, angelic forces and star family. This is a shift into knowing in every cell of our body our true multidimensional nature.

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This is a 14-week course, with live online modules of just over an hour long every two weeks. (Each live event will begin with a general group energy clearing to release lower energies). The first half of each session is a presentation + Q&A. The second half is a transmission-meditation to help ground the principles of the module. Both parts of the session are recorded and emailed to all participants shortly after the live event. (There is also a distant group transmission between modules). There are two options in joining this course:
1. Full course with recordings and group transmissions – £150.
2. Recordings only – £75.

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