The Lake District New Year Retreat: 2nd January – 5th January 2018.

New Energy, New Consciousness, New Direction! 
Calling all Lightworkers and Starseeds. As you know we are in a time of a great global energy shift from fear to love, separation consciousness to unity and struggle to new possibilities. Many have experienced this outgoing year as an incredible learning curve of challenges and spiritual gifts. Now we are heading into the new year this is an ideal time for release, reflection and for opening up to something new.   

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LONDON EVENT: Starseed Revolution – Embracing this Time of Challenge and Opportunity. Tue 24 October 2017

This is the time that all the spiritual prophecies talk about. Now is the real end of the Mayan Calendar. Now is the time of shift where a great darkness leaves this world. This is a time of great challenge and opportunity, the old 3D Energetic Matrix is dissolving which is causing a certain amount of chaos and confusion. A new 5D Energetic Matrix has been forming for many decades. Anchoring this New Energetic Matrix is one of the main reasons Starseeds have incarnated here.

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Ascension Light Mastery – Invoking the Gold Ray of Wisdom. London. 12th July,  7pm

This evening we will work with an angelic grid of light and invite in various star groups and angels. In this field of light we will call upon the Gold Ray from the Central Sun. This is the Ray of the Cosmic Christ Consciousness and it is held by Metatron and a host of angelic beings. This is the ray of wisdom and Oneness. It facilitates a complete remembrance of our Divine Nature. This is the ray that reconnects us with our Source.

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Your participation in this grand adventure on the earth plane is required. We are entering an important phase of the ascension process now which will continue until 2018. (Then there will be more shifts until around 2030 when things should stabilise). The process is strong because we are shifting away from an old way of living to a radically new way. We are the pioneers and dreamers of a new world. This new world, heaven on earth, begins in our own lives and then ripples out across the planet. When enough souls enter this process then we will have a new world.

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Cosmic Christ Glastonbury Retreat: 14-17th April 2017

20 centuries ago Jesus the Christ anchored a new frequency of love on the planet. Today we are in the predicted period of awakening where Christ Consciousness is returning. In this time, the energy is manifesting as a mass awakening rather than through one individual spiritual master. This retreat is an opportunity to explore the higher octaves of consciousness that are available to us now. We will call in these frequencies in the landscape of Glastonbury with its deep pagan and Christian heritage. Using meditation and simple ritual we will connect with the highest frequencies of ascension light otherwise known as the Cosmic Christ Consciousness.

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Event: Gathering of Minds. 29th January 2017

This is a 1-day seminar packed with various speakers including my good self. Sunday 29th January 2017. My talk starts at 4pm and is for one hour. Schedule 12.00 - Doors Open 12.30 - Carolyn Holmes (Warrior Mode Yoga) Yoga & Movement Meditation 13.00 - Juliette...

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