This is a FREE event with Steve Nobel and Himesh Gohil who together will explore the energy of Ascension and Cosmic Christ Consciousness with you. The evening includes a powerful guided meditation, to help you connect to this frequency and foster it within yourselves.

The venue is Saints Pauls Church, 5 Rossmore Rd, Marylebone, London NW1 6NJ, London. Friday 10th March, 7-9pm 

We are in a time of global transition. This is drawing many lightworkers and Starseeds into a personal awakening process. It is much harder now to avoid your soul mission, the real reason you incarnated in this time/space. A major aspect of the ascension process is connecting to the Christ Consciousness energy of love and unity. Christ Consciousness is not a force that will manifest in one teacher or avatar. It is a wave of collective awakening that has both a masculine and feminine aspect.


Attendance to this event is FREE. However, you may wish to reserve your place (limited to around 100 people). We are runing a ticket reservation system, you may reserve a ticket to this event by following the link below. There is a small fee of £3 to reserve your ticket. All proceeds from this will go to the LCS FREE social fund.
We have a hall capacity of 100 and for any unsold reserved spaces, entry will commence at 7pm for which we will allow entry until we are full.


Ahead of our Easter Break retreat to Glastonbury we wanted to give you the opportunity to connect to these energies and start to tune into what it means to be part of this new consciousness. We will be talking about Christ consciousness as a force of being and what it means to us to be living in this energy. We will connect to those energies using a guided meditation and healing allowing you to open up to these energies and start to feel and understand what it means to connect to this consciousness. We will give you a flavour of our Glastonbury Retreat and even remotely connect you to the powerful land of Glastonbury.

“Now is the time we have been waiting for. Planetary ascension is upon us. This is a volatile period where anything not serving your highest good and soul mission/purpose is likely to be ejected for your life. This is bad news for some and good news for many.” Steve Ahnael Nobel

Timings: For those with reserved tickets, doors will open at 6:45. Please arrive on time so that we can register you and seat you. For those without a reservation, we will open up attendance for all at 7pm. Those that have reserved tickets arriving after 7pm will lose their reservation. Use the following link to find out more about our Glastonbury Retreat where we will explore this theme in greater detail; LCS Glastonbury Retreat.



This is a free evening being put on by the London College of Spirituality allowing us to connect Londoners and create a new spiritual home for spirituality, growth and empowerment. You can support us to run social, healing and empowerment projects by donating below; Donate to London Spirituality

Your Hosts: Steve Ahnael Nobel – Steve is an author, coach and the founder of Soul Matrix Healing, a new cutting edge approach that combines a number of energy clearing/transforming/harmonising tools. He was a director of Alternatives, a not for profit events organisation for 13 years. He is a regular facilitator with LCS.

Himesh Gohil – Himesh has developed a structured and grounded spiritual practice which he has a passion to share with the community. He loves talking about how to develop powerful spiritual structures and helping others find their own unique gifts. Himesh specialises in clearing energetic blocks, emotional trauma and mental obstacles in an all round energetic cleansing therapy. He’s a master of energy flow and intuitively directs energy with a skill developed from a study of both Eastern and Western spiritual practices. Himesh is a senior manager at the London College of Spirituality orchestrating content, structure and energy for the service and enlightenment of mankind.

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