This is the time that all the spiritual prophecies talk about. Now is the real end of the Mayan Calendar. Now is the time of shift where a great darkness leaves this world. This is a time of great challenge and opportunity; the old 3D Energetic Earth Matrix is dissolving which is causing a certain amount of volatility, chaos and confusion. A new 5D Energetic Matrix has been forming for some decades. For spiritual pioneers, map-makers and way-showers this is a time of great challenge and also great opportunity.

There are many here on the planet who have come with a mission. Most of the people on the planet have no awareness of this mission. Even those who have come with this sacred mission forget all about it when they pass into this world through the birth canal. This has been an energetically dense dimension for many thousands of years. That density is now being shaken up and much ancient darkness is leaving. This planet is not so much fun anymore for non-physical lower frequency beings. It is also getting less fun for low frequency humans.

Planet Earth is getting lighter. Many Starseeds have been incarnating here since the end of WW2. Now they are coming in increasing numbers since 2012 and this will increase again as we approach the 2032 marker. Starseeds are here with a mission and it starts with waking up. First to their true nature, which is multidimensional. This means opening and clearing up much stuff from the Akashic Records including any contracts, vows, agreement, karmic IOU’s that block them from getting on track and moving forward. Also releasing other peoples energy (since they are super sensitive and this can sometimes mean absorbing energies from the bloodline and mass consciousness).

This evening will include an attunement and a meditation to help you connect with your true multidimensional nature, stabilise on the 5D Earth Grid and connect to the Unseen Friends in Spirit who are here to support you. Once the awakening and clearing process has happened and they have learnt to stabilise on the new crystalline energy grid in the earth and connect with their Higher Self and Guides then they are mostly on their way.

The organiser is the Glastonbury Positive Living Group. The Venue is Glastonbury Town Hall. Please arrive 7pm for a 7.30pm start. The cost on the door is £5.


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