Calling all Starseeds and Lightworkers.

Your participation in this grand adventure on the earth plane is required. We are entering an important phase of the ascension process now which will continue until 2018. (Then there will be more shifts until around 2030 when things should stabilise). The process is strong because we are shifting away from an old way of living to a radically new way. We are the pioneers and dreamers of a new world. This new world, heaven on earth, begins in our own lives and then ripples out across the planet. When enough souls enter this process then we will have a new world.

Ascension is Challenging.

This process is not without challenge, many of you have already been touched by the 2012 alignment. This global shift is not an easy time for many. We are going through some massive energetic shifts which has caused the old 3D systems to wobble badly. Some parts of these systems are ready fro collapse. Some for reinvention.  A new consciousness is dawning, one that will change the way we live on this planet forever. Planetary change begins with personal change. As you embrace more light and anchor yourself more on the emerging 5D timeline of light you less you will be disturbed by the chaos in the 3D world.

On this workshop, we will explore:

  • Neutralising any resistance to the ascension process and the incoming light.
  • Clearing any energetic interference,
  • Opening to new light codes in the energy bodies and cellular structures.
  • Connecting to various high frequency light grids available to us now.
  • Connecting to our Higher Self, helpful angelic forces and our ascension team.
  • Opening more fully to our innate guidance, our innermost spirit.
  • Becoming the pathfinder, the dreamer, the one who creates reality elegantly and powerfully.

This one day workshop will help you clear your path of lower energies and help you accelerate your spiritual journey with more ease and grace. This workshop includes personal/group process and deep meditation practise.

Venue – Diorama Arts Centre, 201 Drummond Street, Regent’s Place, London NW1 3FE. 10am to 5.30pm

Your Facilitator – Steve Ahnael Nobel is an author, coach, energy worker and founder of Soul Matrix Healing. He was a director of the not for profit organisation Alternatives (based in St. James’s Church, Piccadilly, London W1) for 13 years.

Your investment for this day is £75. BOOK NOW. 


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