Listen to Vaz Sriharan speak on the subject of Walking the Spiritual Path. This podcast-interview includes a meditation to download your Divine Blueprint.

In this interview Vaz covers:
1. Energy Shifts – Light coming in now. What it feels like entering 2017.
2. Personal – Spirituality and personal power, spirituality and money, spirituality and walking your unique soul path,
3. Collective – Walking the path and engaging with the world, Issues such as Brexit and the election of Donald Trump. How to be in the world with all this stuff going on.

Vaz Sriharan is an intuitive writer, channel, energy worker and transmissions facilitator and trainer. Vaz founded the London College of Spirituality, a grassroots gateway of over 13,000 members to explore, experience and empower through spiritual discovery. Vaz is passionate about personal, humanitarian and environmental issues and works with others to anchor the new consciousness onto the planet. Vaz is the author of Infinite Being: Awakening Your Soul Through the Law of Reflection.

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