Our DNA distortion [via genetic manipulation/interference by reptilian hyper-dimensional hostile forces] is the reason behind pornography in the world today. This artificial and genetically enhanced mechanism stimulates, through frequency emissions within our own DNA, the sexual act devoid of love. This serves as a means of both control and nourishment for these beings. Your raw sexual energy gets fed back to collecting mechanisms within your DNA that then create a feedback circuit within the DNA that cements this mechanism further into place. 

These beings have been doing this for many thousands of years, and used sex slaves in ancient Sumeria, Babylon, Lebanon, the Sinai, Egypt and the Middle East amongst other places to ‘farm’ this energy for them. And this is still going on today on earth, most notably in the USA. Many porn stars today are replaying these roles [possessed by entities working/feeding through them] , and tens of millions of men and women are hooking into this energy every minute, voluntarily giving away their life force and taking themselves deeper into a vibrational black hole to unconsciously feed those who would call themselves our ‘creators.’ Nothing is further from the truth.

Many men and women do experience this membrane 4D cage around the DNA. It is like a dome that prevents humans from moving beyond it into Divine Love. Every time a human being, who still has this DNA cage and particular sexual device in place, experiences an orgasm, the power of this orgasmic energy can be harvested and used to feed the DNA of the reptilian beings who engineered it into the DNA of the human form.

Not every human has this sexual siphoning device in place, but many do. But those who do are genetically wired, BY GOD, for sexuality to be a big part of their pathway to Divine Love and God. So it is a blessing for you that these ‘other’ beings saw that potential in you as a confirmation, and see that you are worthwhile for harvesting. Whilst this is quite sick, surely now you have the motivation to free yourself from it and use your pure sexual energy, harnessed with love, to propel your soul’s growth.

No one is a victim. You had a hole, a pain, a wound, you did not want to feel or embrace. Then you chose to substitute Divine Love for a pale imitation. You were tempted to stay on the surface of your emotions and fears by promises and seductions that played to your sense of wishing to avoid the pain of powerlessness, hopelessness, terror and other emotions. As an emotion, which one has to feel, embrace and move through, this sexual manipulation can feel sick, shameful and distorted, and it taps into the collective field of this for all humans. It can be terrifying, and the mind may make all kinds of excuses to stop you from entering these places.

To understand, feel and release these emotions and their causes, journey into the event and moment you gave away the love energy of your sexuality in exchange for something else. Go into the moment you did this. See it, FEEL IT. Now ask WHY, what was the cause that made me trade myself, what did I not want to feel, what was I avoiding and denying? Others, be it people or spirits/entities, may have taken advantage of this.

In the distortion of our sexuality, changing it into a sentimental, physical, pornographic, fantasy driven, needy or lustful affair, know that disembodied spirits are sucking your energy away. Fantasies, sexual toys and the like, so often encouraged as ‘healthy’ by neo-tantric ‘teachers’ fail to recognize this fact, and so their students descend lower and lower into a sorry soul state, going further and further away from true Union of heart‐soul, emotions and the divine. And who has not had sexual fantasies? It is important to see and feel these parts of you, but not to be caught in them. Just be aware now that the next time you feel inclined to fantasize, what exactly are you feeding, and what is your true desire for? You have a conscious choice now.

After experiencing sexual and energetic abuse, we can abandon God, blaming Him for not protecting us, saying, “fuck you” to God. And then we become lost, trying to fill a hole for thousands of years, alternating between being the victim of it, and then becoming the initiator of it, becoming the abuser. We replay and continue this ancient pattern within us, cutting ourselves off from God, unwilling and too scared to feel the deep pain of betrayal and abandonment. And, this is what allows for sadistic and abusive behavior, when a person is unwilling to feel his or her own deep, deep pain. On the surface, the thrill of sexual lust / abuse mixed with violence, blood lust and control (it is all a similar frequency) is very stimulating and addictive, similar to a cocaine high. If one keeps on taking a hit of whatever they are addicted to, they never have to feel the deep emotional, spiritual and existential pains that lie underneath the addiction. One can even become addicted to physical pain, which is a distraction from deeper emotional and spiritual pains.

The energy, power, stimulation, thrill, arousal and excitement that comes from sexual energy (and violence and fear) is enormous. It is an extremely addictive drug sensation, destructive to the soul as it has no love to it. It is such a huge energy source for most people that if they were to cut it off they would feel half alive. The energy of control inherent within this is actually our own fear of becoming powerless and helpless, which is what we must all feel to initiate this breaking of the pattern within us, because it is the causal emotion of why we reached out to these other entities in the first place. So there is our personal responsibility, AND a collective one as well.

The enormous magnitude of the power of sexuality is because of its true potential as an engine to become closer to God, once it is healed and connected to human love and the soul’s deep feelings. The distortions around it are a result of core causal wounds: the split of sexuality from the heart, the veiling of the true potential and power of the womb and the lingam, the split of the heart from the soul, and the split of masculine and feminine.

This has all been encouraged by these reptilian races. We were not created like this, the sorry state we have fallen into today. This is important to know. We are God’s perfect creation, and we have created veils, through our own choices as well as the choices of the collective to experiencing this.

The only energy source that is more compelling than these distorted and genetically modified aberrations is sourcing one’s energy directly from God, Divine Love and the energy that flows when sexuality is healed and integrated with the heart and God in Union. Most people have not experienced this, and think they are just a fantasy, or a far away mythical dream. They are not. They are who we are in Truth and what we have been divinely designed to enjoy.

If we are not sourcing this energy from our soul, the Soul of Father‐ Mother God, the Sun and Gaia, we are feeding off other humans or off human distortions. Anytime we “need” another (or are dependent on another) this means we are feeding off them, which is humbling to realize. When we recognize ourselves doing this, it may come with feelings of shame, sadness and even disgust. But the disgust or rejection of these patterns only helps to cement them in place.

These distorted patterns must be seen and embraced. We only choose these actions and belief patterns in our ignorance, blindness and emotional neediness stemming from our wounds. Once the wounds are seen and felt they can dissolve and heal back into our original sexual innocence.

Love is the death of this wounded mindset and distortion, and the control this has on present day humanity. Sexuality + love in orgasm in prayer is one of the most powerful forces in the universe, powerful enough to move even the Galactic Centre. This is not a myth. Loving emotion combined with our precious human sexuality and soul, in alliance with the true God of Love, Creator of all universes, can create a wave that will help dismantle and dissolve the control and fear mechanisms within us.”

~ Padma Aon, Sacred Wounds 


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