What is Karma? – We can think of karma in terms of tendencies, consequences and feedback. It may feel like a system of reward and punishment but really the universe is trying to tell us something. Karma works with the principle that the world is our mirror, it reflects stuff back to us about our inner world of thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and habits that manifest as words, deeds and responses from others. The body can reflect our karma as can our reality. With the body one way to understand this is by contemplating the principle that our body speaks our mind. Any problem in the body will reflect a karmic tendency that needs addressing. Drugs or surgery will not address the underlying cause of any problem. Karma is reflected through the world by stuff that repeats. This is based on the principle that we create our reality. Whatever we create can be uncreated or shifted in some way. Perhaps we somehow got the idea in childhood that we are unworthy of love. This can eventually crystalise into a belief that we hold as true unless it is corrected. This belief will then manifest in the way we speak and act in the world, This behaviour will create over time a reaction from others and so the cycle is reinforced unless interrupted. This cycle may manifest some unhappy consequences in any area of our life. We may meet people who treat us badly, or who cheat or betray us in some way. The ways this will manifest will depend on other factors. Some factors may reduce the pain of the belief and others may intensify the suffering.

Karma and Family – We have personal and collective karma. The most immediate collective karma we face comes from our birth family. Patterns pass down the family line. So for instance we may have a great grandparent that we know little about that struggled and felt defeated in some aspect of their life. This struggle can be handed down the generations for resolution. In my own case I grew up very attracted to books and films about war. This fascination grew until my teenage years at which time I was painting model armies and getting interested in war gaming. This despite the fact that I had quite an aversion to violence of any kind. In healing sessions in my 50’s I realised that the source of this was connected to my grandfathers (both sides of the family) volunteering to fight in World War 1. They both fought in the battle of the Somme (where 1 million people died making it the bloodiest battle in human history). Both were wounded out. My grandfather on my mother’s side was handed a white feather by a woman (a white feather was meant to be a sign of cowardice). Neither spoke openly about any of their experiences. Their inability to process such a violent experience was passed down to me for resolution (I actually considered joining the army after leaving school but something in me told me that was not a good idea)! Ancestral karma can of course now be resolved much faster than before meaning in many cases we do not have to go through many years of stuckness or suffering.

Karma and Reactivity – Whenever we are reacting to some situation in a knee jerk fashion it is often because we have some karmic binding in this area. We may react to anger, violence, war, colonialism, apathy, slavery, helplessness, injustice and so on. Whatever the reaction this is pointing to some karmic binding. This does not mean we do not act to help others it means we look at our motivation for doing so. There is nothing worst than a peace march full of angry people. On the other hand we may react to something or someone in a very positive way and this can point to some karmic connection that is more uplifting. The important thing as far as karma is concerned is to release any binding and create more freedom and flexibility in our responses.

Karma is a Universal Law – The roots of why we behave in a certain way can be found in our conditioning in this life but is also will have roots in other lifetimes. This conditioning may lead us to causing pain and suffering to another. We may not intend this but for example if we do not love ourselves how can we truly love and respect another. Karma is a Univeral Law and no matter how delusional a person maybe there is a basic level of understanding when we have transgressed, intended harm or created harm to another. Karma does not depend on national laws. We may be well within the law and still realise that we have transgressed in some way. Having a smart lawyer does not negate karmic debt. We can cheat, steal, abuse another, lie, or even murder and not be brought to trial. This does not impact on our karma. We will have to atone in one way or another for such deeds. On the other hand karma could be viewed in terms of abilities, skills, qualities that have been developed in other lifetimes that are dormant in this. Under the right circumstances (which is usually connected to our circumstances and consciousness) then these resources can start to activate in this lifetime.

Karma and Service – Karma is linked to service. One obvious example of this is parenting. This is a very high karmic service that has the potential to create mutual benefit for all souls concerned. Unfortunately in some cases more karmic debt is generated through poor parenting. Every child is a soul that deserves our love, encouragement and support. it is important not to try and impose ethics and values onto children since this can create blocks for the child later in life. The world is evolving fast and we can only help a child find and stabilise their light and consciousness. By imposing beliefs, values and even dreams we can be inhibiting another soul’s authentic direction. Service can manifest in other ways. There are many beings on the planet who are here to serve as spiritual teachers and healers. This is a path that can bring many challenges as well as many blessings. There are many beings here at present that we could call Starseeds, souls with little experience of this physical dimension of earth. Starseeds are here with a mission of service, to help hold a higher frequency of light for the planet. Some Starseeds are actively helping to dissolve old energy grids and build new light grids around the planet. Some Starseeds are working with leylines and sacred sites to help awaken dormant earth energies. Some Starseeds are working with angelic forces to birth a higher frequency of love on the planet. Starseeds are here for service and after they awaken their relationship with karma can change dramatically (in the direction of feeling more graceful).

Karma and Spiritual Awakening – For the average person karma will seem to operate in a cause and effect manner. we do something and there is either punishment or reward. Unless there is some spiritual awakening there is a sense of navigating a world of desire, attachment and aversion. In such a state we are governed by our ego tendencies where we feel disconnected from our Higher Self. When we start to awaken then karma can be dissolved without going through a number of confronting or painful experiences. This is because we are more connected with our Higher Self, Guides and various Angelic forces that can help us dissolve karma without going through the experience (unless that experience has been chosen for a particular reason). In this ascension period on the planet there are many karma dissolving dispensations that we can call upon. Perhaps the best known is the Violet Flame Ray which is held by certain angelic and ET forces. There are many other rays such as the Emerald Ray held by Archangel Raphael, the Ruby Ray held by Archangel Uriel, the White Ray held by Archangel Gabriel and the Blue Ray held by the Arturians. There are karma dissolving angels that cvan help us remove negative energies, imprints and implants held in our energy fields. There are Solar Angels from our Sun and the Galactic Central Sun that can shine a bright light through our multidimensional chakra system. We can call upon angelic and higher frequency ET forces to help us shift our karma in any area that feels stuck or blocked.

Karma is Multidimensional –  When we awaken we realise that karma is not linear. The soul operates in a number of planes and dimensions. The soul can be experiencing a number of lifetimes concurrently. This means that we generate karma in the current lifetime, past lifetimes, parallel lifetimes and even future ones that are pulling us in a certain direction. So called ‘negative’ karma will feel like some form of block. So for instance I have worked with a number of clients that say they feel unable to express their authentic truth in the world. Often this truth is connected to spiritual values or living a life with full meaning, purpose and a sense of freedom. When I track such issues there are often multiple causes and often a central factor is some traumatic or ‘blocking’ experience or set of experiences in other lifetimes. A traumatic experience can include painful or humiliating death, torture, imprisonment, indoctrination, or exile. These experiences create ‘soul’ programs that continue from lifetime to lifetime until they are neutralised/resolved. Similarly ‘positive’ uplifting other life karmic experiences can give us reference points for this lifetime. So for instance if we are drawn to learning a new skill actually it may be more a question of remembering something we have learnt and possibly even mastered to a high degree elsewhere. Karma can draw us forward in a very uplifting way. Positive karma can point towards a greater sense of possibility and potential. We may have been a skilled artist, healer, innovator, teacher in other lifetimes and at a certain point in our lives we may receive a call to follow a call to do something radically different in our lives. The ego may resist this for a time but resistance to a soul calling can generate great tension and a feeling of suffering in some way whereas surrendering to the calling leads to a sense of aliveness and flow despite the inevitable challenges faced along the way.

Karma and Soul Growth – As we open to the light and guidance of the Higher Self we start to realise that karma is like stepping stones, something the soul creates to help move us in a certain direction. (These stepping stones are created and then dismantled when no longer needed). There are no good and bad stepping stones just ones that are useful or less useful. Even experiences that feel quites challenging or ‘dark’ can be chosen for a reason that becomes more apparent many lifetimes to come. Spiritual growth in this dimension operates through the tension and dance of light and dark. We need to understand both to graduate from the game. In this time of ascension we may feel we have incarnated into a dark family, neighbourhood or culture. If so then our task is to bring more light into that darkness. This may require us to gain some distance from it in order to transform our judgements and perceptions so that we can then bring more light into the situation. Life is a mixture of uplifting/supporting/encouraging/enhancing etc and the polar opposite. Behind every challenge waits a soul gift. The stronger the challenge the greater the potential gift. Soul growth takes courage because when we step on the path of spiritual awakening then our karma will seem to get more intense. This enables a clearing of many lifetimes to take place in this one lifetime. This is a great blessing if approached in the right way. Even if you do not feel you have the tools and resources to clear karma by yourself there are many healers and healing methods available (including Soul Matrix Healing) to help clear karma in a fast and graceful way.



Steve Ahnael Nobel is an author, book mentor, coach, star magician and soul matrix healer. He has trained in a number of metaphysical and healing modalities. Steve is a magical workshop facilitator, healer and modern day magician. He loves working with the transformational-magical energy of groups. He is the author of 4 non-fiction books, the most recent called Personal Transitions which clearly draws parallels between personal awakening and the process of global transition.(Published by Findhorn Press UK, 2014).

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