A Time of Great Awakening – We are experiencing a time of marvellous opportunity and also great volatility and upheaval. This is the time that many prophecies from around the world have predicted. A time of great spiritual darkness and also the birth of a great light. We just need to take a look around and see some places in the world are experiencing a great darkness and others great spiritual light. Many spiritual teachers are now awake on the earth. Many starseeds have been activated and are waking up from the old 3D way of living on the earth. Many are waiting to be activated by a pre-determined event or by an energy impulse from the Higher Self. This is all part of the great drama now being enacted on the earth plane.

Divine Dispensation – At this time we have the opportunity to clear much old dense karma in ourselves. Actually there are different spiritual dispensations that have been granted by the spiritual hierarchy that allows for personal karma spanning many lifetimes in the multiverse to be dissolved. One of the best known is the Violet Flame dispensation. This is one of many.

Multi-Dimensional Blocks – We live in a multi-dimensional universe and thus blocks are also multi-dimensional. I have found a number of areas that I have had to pay attention to at this volatile time spiritually on the earth plane. Over many years of working with people I have found that so called multi-dimensional ‘blocks’ are not unique to myself, they are commonly found in many individuals heading into a time of spiritual ascension and awakening.

There can be higher level blocks that can impact on the effectiveness of our Higher Self, Angelic help, guides and Healing Teams. Sometimes aspects of our Higher Self need to be upgraded or replaced so that it works ar a higher level of connectivity.

There can be more immediate blocks in our energy fields such as astral debris, cords with other people (both incarnate or otherwise), tears, low level entities (that are more a nuisance than a real problem) more malevolent entities (gathered in this life or having their source in some other lifetime), interference from dark alien races such as implants or more direct interference, negative portals that allow entities into our energy fields, or negative portals within the etheric body itself. ‘Blocks’ can come from other lifetimes (past and parallel). We can have problems in opening up fully to the Solar-Gaia energy circuit that feeds us energetically and spiritually on the earth. We can have problems because of ancestral energies flowing down the family line. We can have soul fragmentation that requires soul retrieval by the Higher Self and Healing teams in spirit. There is more but you get the picture hopefully.

Integrating ‘Dark’ Lessons/Lifetimes – I have found over time that there are a small group of lightworkers/spiritual teachers and activists who have karma with the ‘Dark’. I have had many experiences with the ‘Dark’ which is why I have been effective in dealing with them. Who/What are the ‘Dark’? The ‘Dark’ are anti-evolutionary forces that keep the game of duality going. At a soul level we choose to engage with the dark so that we can eventually dismantle the game of duality and ascend from this dimension. The ‘Dark’ exist within a low frequency wave band. Fear, violence and abuse allow for the ‘Dark’ to thrive. Some call the dark the Illuminati, a small group that own most of the financial, corporate, political and military systems. The ‘Dark’ are also found on the lower astral planes. The ‘Dark’ cannot exist in higher frequencies of joy, love and light. There are many problems that can be created by the ‘Dark’. Many spiritual aspirants fear the ‘Dark’ because they have suffered death, torture or exile in other lifetimes, mostly as a result of speaking or following their truth. It is also possible that we have had lifetimes where we were on the ‘Dark’ team. Whatever you connection it is important to note that there is nothing to fear from the ‘Dark’ except fear itself. At this time we can clear all karma, other life vows, black magic rituals and any current interference from the ‘Dark’. This enables us to integrate the lessons from ‘Dark’ lifetimes. This lifetime it is safe to embody the light since this is an ascending planet.

The Ascending 5D Timeline – Since the late 70’s a new possibility of a 5D timelime has emerged on the planet, mainly due to new light frequencies and starseeds who have held a new genetic code of light in their bodies. This timeline diverges from the 3D timeline which was heading towards nuclear destruction on the planet around the time of the millenium. Many souls are on the 3D timeline and after this incarnation will continue their journey elsewhere. This is now an ascending planet and the light is gradually shifting out the ‘Dark’, though it is not going without a fight. We are in a period of great volatility and change. The consciousness on the planet is shifting, many are awakening to their star origins. On the new 5D timeline there is considerably more ease, grace, synchronicity and miracles (none of which exists on the outgoing 3d timeline). One of the things I clear is all karmic attachment to the outgoing 3D timeline so that we can increase our light quotient and stabilise on a higher frequency path.

Multi-Dimensional Resources – Beyond multi-dimensional blocks and interference from anti-evolutionary forces we can step onto the 5D timeline and there open more fully to our spiritual power and light. We can raise our light quotient and thus open to many internal spiritual and practical resources. These resources are multidimensional. We have lived countless lifetimes and have gathered much ‘positive’ and useful experiences, skills, talents, and qualities. Many starseeds who I see are coming here to remember spiritual resources, they are not here to develop them. Many are already great artists, channels, healers, innovators, light-body workers, magicians, seers, speakers, teachers and writers. Once we wake up to our true multidimensional nature we can start to remember our true origins and destiny and then begin doing what we came here to do.

Steve Ahnael Nobel is the founder of Soul Matrix Healing which is a fusion of different healing and karma clearing modalities (learnt and practised over 20 years) balanced with practical coaching methodologies. For a session please contact Steve for details.


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