Advanced Transmissions

Here you will find transmissions that are a bit more advanced. They include transmissions to specific Star Civilisations, 5D Cities of Light and certain magical Archetypal energies.

Emerald Green Ray Transmission

Emerald Ray Transmission: This transmission was recorded live in an event in Central London April 2017. Allow the Green Ray of Raphael to embrace you, penetrating your mind. This ray brings a new light to you clearing out old beliefs and perceptions. It also illuminates you with the seven ancient hermetic principles of energy: Spirit, Karma, Correspondence, Resonance, Harmony, Vibration and Polarity. (This track was recorded along with the Radiant Star Transmission). 

The Electric Blue Ray + Clearing Bloodlines Transmissions

TRANSMISSION 1. Electric Blue Ray Transmission. Use this ray to clear your body, etheric body (chakras), emotional body, mental body, negative energy cords, implants, past life programs, and soul loss.
TRANSMISSION 2. Bloodline Clearing Transmission. Use this ray to clear your ancestral bloodlines. This transmission includes an upgrade to your soul group family

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