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Meditation: Triple Shield Energy Protection

Listen to this meditation to create three protective energy shields to neutralise lower dense energies as you go about your day.

Energetic protection…

We live in a world where there is a vast spectrum of different vibrations, thought forms, people incarnate on the planet and beings not incarnate but hanging around the earth plane. Many sensitive/spiritual souls here on the earth are too open, and a bit naive about some of the heavier energies we can encounter. Since there is a great influx of light at the moment this is creating a volatility of old darker energies that are slowly being cleaned up. However, this can feel like pure water being poured into a bucket of dirty muddy water. It takes time for the clean water to displace the old water.

Imagine your energy fields are like a house…

That house may be clean, clear, spacious, bright, easy to navigate from room to room or floor to floor. The windows and doors maybe in good working order. You can lock your house if you so wish. We feel happy in our house and free from fear. The walls are solid and intact. Or that house may be dirty, cluttered, constricted, hard to move around in. The windows and doors may be broken or the keys to the locks have been mislaid. The walls may be broken allowing stray animals or intruders in. This maybe a scary and even unsafe house to live in.

The importance of intention…

The three shields together create a powerful way of moving safely through the world. Please remember that this meditation needs to be repeated a few times before your unconscious mind gets the procedure and starts to run it automatically. Also even then it is good to tune in from time to time to check on the three shields.

When doing this exercise intend that each shield will neutralise and block lower vibrations such as fear, guilt, hatred and so on and at the same time allow in the higher vibrations of love, support, joy and so on. It is important that you affirm this to yourself before doing this process.

This meditation includes some clearing and repair work. The real benefit in doing this process is it allows you some psychic space from intrusion of lower energies or entities.

The Three Shields…

This meditation creates a triple shield around your own energy fields. The first shield is brilliant platinum white that comes from the crystalline core of the earth. Many individuals have problems because they connect to various leylines or energy grids in the earth that are actually not that helpful anymore. The crystalline core of the earth is the ascending force that is guiding the ascension process of the planet. This is the only place you should ground in the earth. Gaia will help repair any minor tears in the energy fields and clear any lower thought forms. The second shield is golden yellow and comes from the Stargate at the core of our sun. Many high frequencies are impacting the earth from the solar Stargate. When we connect to the core of the earth and the core of the sun we are opening the Solar-Gaia circuit which is a very protective energy circuit. With this second shield comes a declaration to close any lower astral openings in your energy fields. It will also help to clear any entities in your field. The third shield comes from our Higher Self and is electric blue. In this phase of the process we will ask for a symbol of protection from your HS. Classic protection symbols are the pentacle, the 8-pointed star, the ankh, an equilateral Celtic cross, the Om symbol. However, you may receive something very different that is specific to your energetic requirements. With this shield comes an axiotonal alignment from your Higher Self which brings all your energy fields back into proper alignment with your physical body.

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  1. I love listening to this one. It always brings in a new level of grounding and I see and experience the most amazing things. Thanks Steve for sharing your work and helping us all!

  2. Hello Steve, Thank you just what i needed, easy to listen to and work with, visuals worked well…i feel more quiet and peaceful, loving of self.i understand things much better…appreciated this meditation..
    love and light Stephany

  3. I have struggled with grounding and energy protection as a blue ray ultra sensitive feeling everything . Thank you for sharing your gifts with us all. I couldn’t even travel on the highways with out panic attacks feeling everyone fears. This has changed my life I can live now outside of my home instead of being the hermit. Tears of deep joy and gratitude are rushing from me now . Love and light.

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