Listen to this affirmation track created and recorded by Steve Ahneal Nobel April 2017.

“I am a clear and pure channel for the light. I open to a higher light. This light is the essence of my divinity. I am light within a body of matter. I surrender to the light, this higher light. This light of pure spirit, of source energy, this light of my Higher Self. The light that vibrates within, that vibrates at a higher frequency of joy and love.

I am light. I embrace light so I can express light. I shine my light brightly. I do not attempt to hide my light. Light dissolves all resistance to being one with light.

I am a true and faithful expression of the light. This light is my Higher Self. I am one with my Higher Self. I am the true expression of my higher self. This Light is information. This light is wisdom. This light is guidance. I open to this light of guidance. I open to new ways to channel my light in order to transform the lower into the higher. Light is love. Love is light. Love is the most powerful force in the universe. Love is the glue that binds us to the web of life.

I am one with the web of life. I am a strand of light. Vibrating with the full power of the whole web. I create waves of light that uplift all those I touch. This light is part of the shift from darkness to light, fear to love, hopelessness to empowerment. Separation to unity consciousness.

I open the inner channel to allow more light to flow into my life. All my chakras vibrate with this light. The light that opens, the light that aligns, the light that leads the way. The way into new possibilities. I am an open channel for the light. This light flows through me and I express light in so many ways. The more I express light the easier it gets to embrace and integrate more light. I am a beacon of light. Light shines out into the darkness helping others to find the light, the light that points the way. I am a light bearer helping many others to shine their light.

I am a body of vibrating light. My body is a vehicle for my Higher Self. I open to light in every cell of my body. My physical body is aligned with the light. I am light. Every chakra is opened and aligned with the light. I am light. Light I am. I accept my path of light. My whole being is in harmony with the light.

I choose to express light in all my ideas, beliefs, energy projections that enhance my creative expression. My thoughts are creative, my intuition is creative, my choices are creative, I express all the creative power within me. I am a clear mental conduit for the light. For my mind is a clear and open channel for the light, and in this space my thoughts take on a new higher clarity, a new higher flow and fluidity. The light enlightens my mind making all things so much clearer. As my mind becomes a channel for the light my mind becomes a sacred vessel for my Higher Self. I am one with my Higher Self. I am one with my mission here on the earth plane. I am a clear and pure channel for the light. My mind is aligned with the light. My thoughts are aligned with the light. My choices are aligned with the light.

As I assimilate more light my ego is cleansed and uplifted. The light aligns my ego with my path of light. My ego becomes a faithful servant to the light, helping me radiate and express my light in clear ways.

I trust the light within. For trust is the way, the way of light, the way of expressing my light. I trust the wisdom that light brings for light knows and even though I do not fully consciously know the light does know. Knows the plan, knows the way, and where the light leads I will go. Go with the light. For light goes with me. The way is forward. The way is open as I express more of my inner light.

I am the courageous expression of light. The more I express and communicate light the greater my confidence to express more light. I express light in so many ways. Ways that are obvious, ways that become obvious with each step on the path of light. The more I choose to express my inner light the more ways open for me to express my light. Light is inspiration. I breath in light. I breath out light. My words are full of power, y words vibrate with power and light. my words inspire others to embrace the light. I am a clear communicator.

I am the essence of pure communication. As I embrace and radiate my light I communicate clear boundaries and choices. I am the clear communication of the light. I communicate light in everything I do. I communicate light even in the silent moments of my life. I express this light through stillness and through action.

I am connected to my higher light, the light that guides, the light that flows, the light that clears and protects. Light is my ally. Light cleanses and protects. I am the protecting light. The higher frequency of light I hold the more powerful the protection to my energy fields.

I am guided by the pure energy of light/creation. I speak with the highest love and integrity. I trust my inner voice. My soul shines through my words. I am open to creative ideas to flow through me. I am living a life of creative expression.
I express my emotions in healing ways.

I am a clear expression of light, I am a clear expression of love. I am a servant of the one. I reveal my light, I speak my truth. I am pure creative energy. I am the universe and the universe shines through me. I am a drop of light within an ocean of light. A Higher intelligence is vibrating through me. My words create ripples of love and possibility in the collective reality.”



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