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The Arcturian Healing Chamber: Clearing ‘Negative’ Alien Interference/Manipulation

Listen to this transmission to clear negative alien race agendas in your energy fields. This includes implant removal and also cords to any lower frequency alien race grouping. Once this is done there is a healing within the etheric body followed by an activation in your lightbody.

The Arcturians are an advanced ‘positive’ alien race that are helping humanity at this time of global ascension. They teach that the key ingredient to make the shift into 5D is love. All lower frequencies such as fear, guilt, shame, blame must be released and transformed. The Arcturians are present in our Solar System to help us make an important shift in consciousness.

The Arcturians travel the universe in very advanced light ships. The Arcturian light ship Athena is part of an armada of ships that are keeping a friendly eye on Earth to assist Gaia with Her ascension process. This ship is truly huge in size and is orbiting between the asteroid belt and Jupiter. The ship is equipped with light technology and holds many specialised healers. Many Starseeds on the Earth are brought to Athena in the dream-state for healing.

Arcturians are particularly helpful, at this time, assisting humanity to clear out ‘negative’ alien races who seek to manipulate and use humanity. Lower alien races have long sought to generate war and other situations that generate lower frequencies such as fear within the human race. Such races feed off negativity and many Starseeds are unaware they have energetic interference from such races. Many have implants in their energy fields. Arcturians are experts at clearing such energetic interference.

The Arcturians are the most helpful in clearing lower densities and also in helping us to activate and shift our vibration from dense 3D into higher states of light and love.



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  1. Hello Steve, Thank you i enjoyed this transmission, very empowering, soothing, healing,many releases..greatly appreciated…love and light to all.

  2. Beautiful beings,
    Is there a way to download it and listen to it offline?
    I have no recption at home

  3. Heavy going on the body .. higher frequency is the reason why.. thank u for sharing your gift..

  4. My acupuncturist neighbor texted this over. I’ve been listless and felt heaviness and am having some weird pain in my gums. Felt a lightness come over me! Don’t know much about Arturianians but but saw vision where I was with some large do assume type that we’re friendly. Like I was on another planet! Thank you so very much!

  5. Thank you and blessings to all. I love seeing Arcturus in the sky. Looked at it for years but, just recently found out the beauty and healing that gave me hope.

  6. Thank you, I shall give this a try. As already mentioned I have scanned and removed implants from my own body, once while asleep (this might of been during a sleep paralysis experience or physically), I saw a gray alien in a mist form hovering around my body, then it moved to my side and kept peering at me, then next I saw another come out of a greyish storm portal near my bed. But also these dark beings in my field keep transforming into these gray aliens and reptilians, so it’s hard to know if they truly are or just negative humans (I think one is definitely human and the other alien, because I know your consciousness is a separate part of you and I see a lot of other spirits consciousnesses since where I live; there used to be a school and there was a fire that killed a lot of students.) the other I have never seen her consciousness, she as a black aura and radiates anger, fear and hatred (she told me years ago she was a witch…)

  7. Hello Steve, Good Morning,
    It’s look like a valuable work you are doing for humanity. very much appreciated.
    I was thinking about Arturians from last year. I read about them. They are living in high frequency, formless master healers on this planet. I am writing a book on alien races. To get more info, is there any way that I can talk with them? I hear if I wanted to talk with any extraterritorial I need to know them first, by name etc, not sure.
    Can you please give me some idea about it?
    It will be so much of helpful for my work.
    Thank you,
    Sam Thillaiyah

  8. Ahhh! at last, a soothing English male voice which is so soooothing! I could feel the light and peace within his words. thank you

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