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ASCENSION NEWS: Embracing 5D Wealth Consciousness

Is it Time to Escape from Scare-City Consciousness?

The opposite of abundance is scarcity or Scare-City as I call it. Scare-City is another term for low frequency 3D living. How do I know about Scare-City consciousness? I was introduced to Scare-City consciousness by my family but my initiation came later. I worked in international banking in the City of London for a around a decade leaving in my late twenties in ’87. To be honest I was a bad fit. I did not believe in the work I was doing and I really was only there because I did not know what else to do and because there was a golden cage of financial benefits closing around me. This was a painful time where I felt I was a round peg being squeezed into a very square hole. Ethics was not something that was much talked about in the places I worked. On a number of occasions I raised concerns about a number of large projects the bank was involved \and I was told by most of my colleagues to forget my concerns about social justice and just focus on the bonus at the end of the year. None of this worked for me, you see I never cared about shareholders or bonuses. I knew in my heart that I needed to do something else but with a young family this was not an easy decision to take. Eventually I hit a crisis and energetically hit the wall. I took a year off sick to convalesce. Then I resigned. My soul was calling me to adventure and I could not longer resist to the call to the journey. I had no idea where it would lead but actually looking back this was one of the most important decisions I made. I am certain that if I had stayed there I would be dead or mad by now.

How Do I know About 5D Wealth Consciousness…

How do I know about 5D Abundance or Wealth consciousness? After leaving the 3D world of banking I entered the more politically left-wing world of local government. After 10 years there I left my job to finally leave the 3D Matrix of work behind for good. I was now fully on the path of following my heart. I had been exploring different spiritual paths for several years and the only area not aligned with my spiritual life was how I earned/generated money in the world. After a few adventures in different work settings I became a director of a not-for-profit organisation in 2000. This organisation hosted spiritual authors for talks and workshops. I stayed as a director for 13 years. It was challenging in the beginning because the organisation was not in great financial shape. and in that time I started to understand how spirituality, business and money could really work together. This was an incredible learning curve. I left the organisation in great financial shape when I stepped away at the Winter Solstice 2012. I did this to devote my time and energy to my own ascension business. This experience continues to be a journey of a lifetime.

This Dense 3D System is Wobbling and Will End…

I need to say at this point that the natural nature of the Universe is abundance. How do we know this? Well, just notice the sun and its radiance of light and energy. This radiance allows life on this planet to flourish. You may have noticed that their is no Solar Corporation anywhere sending you a monthly invoice for this gorgeous gift. This is one example of the generosity of nature. For another closer to the earth, think of one sunflower seed. This seed, if given the right conditions, will produce a gorgeous flower that in turn produces many hundreds of seeds. These seeds will create a field of flowers which in turn will create enough seeds for many fields of flowers.

We live in an abundant universe even though while in the density of the 3D Matrix we have largely been corralled into believing that scarcity is the natural order of things. This is something that most economists firmly believe. The financial system is set up so that abundance equals money which is a finite commodity. From a spiritual point of view money is energy and energy follows belief, intention and vision. Money as energy is attracted to certain frequencies and repelled by others. In 3D money was attracted to those who desired it the most, who valued it the most, who intended to have it the most. Now the planet is ascending the money game is changing. More and more it seems that money is attracted to individuals and enterprises with vision and energy. The Internet has changed the way much of the world does business. It has revolutionised the publishing and music industries for instance. Even though the world is changing and many individuals and enterprises are doing great work we are not out of the intense gravitational pull of the old 3D financial system just yet.

Consciousness is creative and since most of the global population feel disenfranchised from the abundance of the earth this has helped to keep the 3D Matrix of fear-separation-control very much alive. I know from working in the system and also my experience of being at the receiving end of the system that this generates not only Scare-City Consciousness on the planet but it is also responsible for just most of the major problems we face such as pollution and war. In this outgoing 3D Matrix, the monetary system locks billions of humans into debt, anxiety, consumerism and a very low frequency consciousness that blocks our ability to truly know our vast spiritual nature. Money itself is not the problem, the system that controls and manipulates monetary flows is the problem. This system could be viewed metaphorically as a pyramidal structure with a small group at the top reaping most of the rewards while many at the lower levels struggle to survive. A very few people at the top own a vastly disproportionate percentage of the global wealth. Because of the time we are in and the light impacting the planet this system is wobbling badly. This system is unjust, destructive, alien to human nature and to every living kingdom on this planet. I am sure that you are reading this because you know that there is something very wrong here. This system is in dire need of transformation otherwise it will collapse or partially collapse which will force a new more just and equitable system to be put in place. Further down the timeline it is destined that the whole system will be totally re-imagined and transformed so that energy exchanges serve the whole and not just the few.


That Old Babylonian Slave Money Magic…

Our current monetary system has been referred to by some as a Babylonian Slave Money Magic system. This indicates how long ago it was created. Controlling money gave many advantages. Controlling money flow allows an unprecedented ability to control the masses. It allows a small group of people to control most of the governments of the world. This small group has a tremendous power and this power has been in place for as long as systems have sought to rule. Many well-meaning people have tried to challenge the system. When Julius Caesar first came to power in ancient Rome, one of the biggest challenges was a mountain of debt which caused social unrest, poverty and civil war. There was a distinct lack of coinage, as people were hoarding currency. Julius Caesar ended the unrest by providing free rent for a year, limited how much currency could be kept per citizen and cancelled all interest payments due since the outbreak of civil war. Many were jubilant but not everyone was happy. The money changers had lost control of a lucrative business but this would not be the case for long. Caesar was assassinated, corruption returned, taxes increased, businesses failed, citizens lost homes and lands, and poverty became more the norm. Sound familiar? In the 60’s John Kennedy attempted to change the American financial system and look what happened to him. on June 4, 1963, John F. Kennedy signed an Executive Order calling for the issuance of currency through the U.S. treasury rather than the Federal Reserve System. He also gave a radical speech about the dangers of ‘secret societies that also sealed his fate. He was assassinated shortly after.


Scare-City is Created From the Inside Out…

Scare-City is created by conditioning and fear based programs that become lodged deep within the subconscious mind. Such programs, based on false beliefs about the nature of reality, have passed down the generations. My parents went through rationing in WW2 as children and my mother continued to act as if rationing could come back any moment through storing tinned food. She did this up until the time she passed over. So, scare-city programs can be passed down the bloodline. We may feel programs being triggered whenever we want to take a step to move out of such systemic control. These programs block our ability to generate personal abundance or success. Scare-city programs also come from past life experiences. Just think of a lifetime in a monastery where you take vows of poverty out of the belief that money is bad, sinful or evil. Also think about the opposite kind of experience, where you had money and as a result you and your whole family were robbed or killed as a result.

People are more easily controlled when they are fearful or in survival mode. I know from personal experience that every time I came to a major choice point in my life, one where I felt invited by spirit to take a step outside my familiarity zone it always came with a sense of fear or anxiety. How would I pay for my mortgage? How would I afford to eat? What would become of me? What if it all goes badly wrong? All of these thoughts were one way or another associated with beliefs around money. My worst-case scenario was a deep fear of homelessness. When I was at one particular choice point back in the late 90’s I remember scouting around looking for cosy spots to sleep should worst come to worst. (It never happened of course!) Scare-City Consciousness creates an almost hypnotic compulsion to accumulate money and to shop in order to stay safe and feel good and worthy. Scare-City could be viewed as a disease of chronic unhappiness. This is a disease of the spirit that creates a state of spiritual bankruptcy.

If we believe that our self-worth is based on how much money we earn or how big our house is or how much status is attached to our job then we in trouble. We need to see how these ideas are at work inside our minds so they can be cleared and replaced. These programs are like layers of an onion. At the top are the conditioning we have taken on in this life and below are ancestral and past life programs. These programs can be changed. When this happens, like Neo in the Matrix, we begin to unplug from the old system and open to new ideas and possibilities that more closely reflect our true nature as a multidimensional spiritual being. From that point we will feel much more aligned with the true nature of the universe and the natural order of life on this planet.


We are Moving Towards a 5D Monetary System…

Following the 2012 alignment we are experiencing an increase in light on the planet. This is serving to wake people up to a new level of consciousness. This will in time help to reboot many of the governing systems on the planet including most importantly our financial systems. Many awake Lightworkers and Starseeds are already working within such systems helping to shift the old energetic blueprint. Many are working on the outside to open new energetic possibilities on the planet. New new ideas are being created in the wings birthing new possibilities that will end the old paradigm of control. Current examples of this include certain crypto-currencies, which although still operate within the old system, they are helping to shift some of our core notions about money and how it is controlled. Such movements are shifting the planet towards a new economic paradigm, one that will be in harmony with spiritual laws and with the natural prosperity of the universe. 2017-18 are crucial years that are initiating some massive shifts in our dominating systems. This will be ultimately liberating. Overall the planet will continue to see slow and steady change towards a more wholesome light. Darkness will continue to be witnessed and released as we move towards greater global transparency and justice.


You Have Permission to Neutralise and Clear Scare-City Now…

With the expansion of spiritual tools and techniques around working with energy we can learn to create a more abundant personal reality. There are some things you can do to neutralise the impact of 3D Scare-City consciousness. Money carries so much projections of anxiety, desire, greed from the collective consciousness on the planet. This is one reason why Lightworkers keep money at bay. They feel it comes with a mixed bag of other energies they would rather not have. The good news is that it is possible to clear money of ‘negative’ energies so that you can let more of this cleaned energy into your life. Just as water needs filtering money does also. Can you imagine cleaning all the streams of money coming into your life so you feel uplifted by money? Once money is filtered the vibration of money can be enhanced, I personally like using gold energy to do this. Wherever money enters your life, from whatever source, imagine clearing that stream of energy with light. I imagine great golden nets of light catching any lower energies. I filter all money streams entering my personal space so that any energies such as fear, greed, shame etc. are neutralised.

Remember that money is energy and energy can be diverted, siphoned off or made to disappear down black holes in the global banking system. This is easier to do now that we have entered the digital age where money is energy blips in different banking systems. It is important to make sure your bank accounts are energetically clear and sealed so as to not leak energy anywhere. You can imagine filtering all the channels of money coming in and out of your bank account. Do this in meditation. Place filters of ultra violet fire across all channels coming into your tank. This helps to clear money coming in and also protect your money from energy vampirism. Replace these filters often. Imagine your bank account is a water tank. Check how small or large is the tank. Giver yourself permission to enlarge the tank. Then check it for leaks or dark portals which suck your money into some matrix oblivion. Close any openings with the help of your Higher Self and seal the tank with gold light. Call upon Archangel Metatron and place an infinity symbol on all sides of the tank. This is to indicate to your unconscious mind and also to the universe that you are ready for unlimited abundance. Then imagine expanding the size of the channels entering the tank. Make sure the light filters also expand to filter out any ‘negative’ energies. Also, place the outgoing channels higher so that money does not constantly drain out of your metaphorical tank.


We Can Together Co-Create Heaven on Earth…

It is important to realise that wealth consciousness is a mindset, it is much more than money. We can create heaven on earth and part of this involves opening to wealth consciousness. When you are vibrating with wealth consciousness, you no longer fear losing anything. You are at ease with uncertainty for this can lead to many new adventures and opportunities. Know this – we are path-finders, map-makers, dream-weavers. Much darkness is ending on the planet. We are heading for an new era of freedom and abundance on the planet. Imagine cancelling all ‘negative’ karma with money, imagine deleting all poverty vows and associated negative patterning in your consciousness? Imagine having a spring clean in your Akashic-Soul records. Close doors that need to be closed and open new doors that need to be opened. You have lived many lifetimes. Some of these lifetimes were amazing reference points where you experienced creating flow, joy and abundance. You are a multidimensional being. You have experienced wealth consciousness in different higher planes of existence. You know how to create a heaven on earth. Imagine upgrading all your thoughts and feelings around what is possible for you and the planet. Imagine being grateful for all the small and not so small miracles that come your way. As your reality shifts into greater flows of abundance you give permission for the collective reality to shift. We are heading for a new world, an Alpha Earth which will be abundance in so many ways. New ways of cooperatively living together as communities and larger groups of people. New technology and energy sources will release our fixation and obsession with old energy sources such as oil. New ways of communication will come online. New methods of travel. Basically if we can imagine it we can create it. Many Starseeds are here to help make these kinds of shifts and many more are coming in the decades to come.


Tips to Expand into 5D Wealth Consciousness Now…

OK so finally, here are some more ways to help bring a new awareness and consciousness to money while we are still in the outgoing 3D system. Look for happy energy exchanges and for win-win situations. Be clear in your agreements and contracting with other people. Sit for at least five to ten minutes daily and connect to your inner light. From this connection cultivate the feeling of love. Self-love is the baseline of happiness, health and abundance. Imagine wishing abundance to all the people you know. You can use affirmations to assist your unconscious mind reprogramme limiting beliefs. Then work with self-forgiveness. Release past experiences or judgements about these experiences. Unhook yourself from toxic emotions so that you can move forward in a healthy way. Ancient wisdom teaches us that attention flows where attention goes. Train your mind to shift from fear and anxiety to what gives you joy, what you feel grateful for. From there focus on what you would love to welcome more of in your reality. Start with feelings and from there open to specific experiences. The intention of giving and being generous opens a flow of abundance in our lives. Give what you most wish to receive. When you begin by giving then open your consciousness to receiving from all directions, especially those that are unexpected. Notice what feels light and expansive in your life and what feels heavy and tense. What do you need to walk away from or let go of? Then start to drop the heavy and open more to those things that feel light. Spiritually speaking we are all drops in the great ocean of existence. Together let us create a great wave of spiritual light and abundance on the planet, right now! We can learn to open the channels of abundance in all of its forms. Abundance can come through money, it can come through friendship, it can come through support in time of need, it can come through a pooling of resources, it can come through unexpected opportunities. The natural state of human beings is Abundance or Wealth Consciousness.


Steve Ahnael Nobel


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  1. Steve,
    It’s 5am on Sunday morning. Couldn’t sleep and now I know why. Spirit wakes me up when they want me to discover messages or lessons I need for my development. Thank you for this important message. It is I need true. Many changes are being ushered in at this time. I remain grateful for all of them.

  2. Good point, I advise readers to check the “Thrive” documentary by Foster and Kimberly about how this planet is controlled … Especially watch at 52:30 how bank owners built the power pyramid and how the process of borrowing and lending works in their benefit. Among many movies dedicated to the subject this one is singular by the prominent guests who speak and the production level.

  3. From a pretty regular guy with transitional issues, one with a family within scare-city.. I thank you from my cupboard. Much love, light and abundance to you all.

  4. Great article. Very informative and promising. I am in awe of what I have read and still want more. Thank you so much. I’m blessed….

  5. Banks, financial institutions, and governments are trying to suppress crypto currencies like Bitcoin because they threaten their tightly controlled monetary system. Crypto currencies are decentralized and not controlled by anyone and allow poor people to become wealthy. The next stage of evolution is to use pure energy as the medium of exchange. It’s time to free ourselves and our money from the control of bankers and governments.

    1. The clear money problem is in my domain at the moment and solutions are at hand. Money was tied to the physical plan with gold, silver, etc, then shifted to add other consumables to back currency like rice or corn, etc, then moved to just faith in the system and belief that money was in and of itself the thing of value. There was credit and debt systems blended into the system also at verying degrees up to this point too. This is when crypto hit and changed the game of the houses of power to the shacks of the common man. This has caused a fight for the new control lever and it seems like the old houses of power have been gaining more ground back than is needed to make a real difference. When other earlier cultures needed to limit this behavior they shifted values from “taker to giver” or “exploiter to freely-serve” they used absurdity and humility vectors that limited the greed minded the ability to hoard and manipulate good actors. Crypto had to establish a new approach of market deciding if the backers and source of money really mattered compared to the control that the backers and sources had to manipulate the whole system that had emerged from old energy thinking. The small community of MTGOX found a use case to trade card with each other and found a good fit for Bitcoin. This stable market place found that it was a need to hold the coins on the market place as the ledger system was slow and using early wallets was hard. This obviously got better and now we are in a full on crypto revolution and “new era gold rush” but this has also shift us to different problems like the cost to mine crypto is becoming a energy hog and dumb use as it does little other than make artificially hard to do. This works but I dont see this as a good end solution. Crypto used absurdity as a new shield as it was difficult for the mainstream to see how it could ever be anything other than a fad and new tech bubble. That has shifted some and industries are jumping into it more and more. Doge coin also added absurdity by trying to make a joke of the idea and ended up adding a value to the joke that it was meant to be. The next shift from crypto needs to be from top down incentivized cooperation to bottom up value add. I see the need for us giving small time slots away to the micro communities that a peer to peer formed and gain social credit from the micro groups one forms. For instance if you watch my kid this week i will watch yours next week is a simple 1 to 1 offer of function even if the actual other variables may be unequal, for instance one parent may have 2 kids ands the other 1 but that doesn’t make a difference to the actors who just want time away to do something without their kids. If a system was created to leverage this micro group only mindset and made standards of exchange built into the system on could grow this out into groups of linked micro groups who have trust in the exchange actors in their groups and also the others groups so a new 1 to 1 is need as the value exchange is harder to manage. The way forward is 1 hour of my time is only traded for 1 hour of your time even if I only pick up dog shit in your yard for an hour and you do repairs to my cars engine. The value shift is all work is time and everyones time is equally valuable. This can only start on a personal level as it is easier for 3D minded people to see the person they know as a person of value than a random guy they see down at the local gym. A privet micro group that has access to a privet crypto and limited nodes that made it easer to keep the ledger could keep mistrust to a minimum as well have transparency of the system. Now if i work for one person they give me 1 cooperation coin and i can keep it and use it when ever from other people who offer time exchanges in that same group or a linked group. I hope this all clear lol Cheers -Jason William

  6. I totally agree with you here Steve, and Satoshi. I have recently ventured into Bitcoin, as I believe this is the way forwards, and that the rise of cryptocurrency, will be the inevitable demise of our corrupt and out of date banking system. It will lead to our personal freedom, once the challenges have been overcome. I watch Max Keiser, and he regularly mentions you Satoshi… But as Steve rightly says we have to look to our consciousness. Consciousness is key. When humanity begins to operate from Heart Consciousness, instead of head consciousness, things will change radically.. I am in my own way, trying to establish a global consciousness revolution, as the founder of the Gateway Systems, a light technology from future timelines. Aside from healing and upgrading our DNA, it realigns misdirected thought habits, those that are negative and out of harmony with our Higher Self programs of light.. When enough of us have been attuned to these frequencies, the Gateway Energy will reach critical mass point, and thereafter the energy will automatically transfer from person to person, transforming everyone into Heart Consciousness! There will be no more wars or greed or disharmony, when this happens, and we will All work together as One, for the highest good of All!

  7. Thank you So!… Just reading this has shifted alot of internal dialog.
    I’m at this very point 8n my life tight now where I’m freeing myself from the system and whilst I can feel trust in the process and Divine guidance present, there is that 3D hook which had just dislodged itself even more!
    Great love for you and for offering your heartfelt work!

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