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The Telos Transmission: Connecting to an Inner Earth 5D City of Light

Listen to this remastered transmission from the City of Telos which is a 5D (Lemurian) city of light situated below Mount Shasta. This transmission was channelled in London by Steve Ahnael Nobel on 8-8-2016.


What and where is Telos. Before the civilisation of Lemuria sank beneath the waves a number of its inhabitants petitioned the Aghartian Network in the inner earth and was granted sanctuary. There are many cities of light in the inner earth and one of these is Telos. The Lemurian city of Telos is found directly under Mount Shasta in California. Mount Shasta is one of the seven sacred mountains of our planet. The legend of the mountain includes stories about angels, spirit-guides, UFOs, and great spiritual masters. Within the centre of the city is a white pyramid with a capstone that looks rather like a crystal. This temple is dedicated to the Order of Melchizedek which is a cosmic priesthood dedicated to the evolution of this Universe.

What you will get in this remastered transmission. In this transmission you will connect with the 5D energies of Telos, along with the powerful earth energies of Mount Shasta and blessings from the Order of Melchizedek. This recording was made on 8th August 2016 and so as an extra bonus it also includes energies from the Lion’s Gate Star Portal. For thousands of years, this time of year has been told to hold a huge influx of energy that comes through around August eighth of each year. This portal has been called the infinity portal or the Lion’s Gate, an energetic activation of the numbers 8/8, August: eighth month, in the sign of Leo the lion, on the eighth day of the year.

The Telos Transmission: Connecting to the Inner Earth 5D City of Light from Steve Nobel on Vimeo.


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  1. Thank you Steve. Very empowering meditation. I so appreciate all your meditations particularly at this time.

  2. This transmission came during a distant meditation when I was connecting with a number of other people (scattered in different places) who are facilitating on the Shasta Retreat we are jointly running this coming September. During the meditation I started to receive a powerful transmission from Telos. It was so beautiful and strong that I tuned in and it felt right to record the transmission then and there. Energies from the Star Gate (Lion’s Gate 88) came through at the end. The transmission is still working through me today.
    Enjoy. With blessings. Sx

  3. It is my overstanding that Mount Shasta needs to rest and that people have been defiling the land with retreats of many. I hope if you are really a keeper of knowledge and a priest of Melchizedek you are honorable, therefore that means you have sought counsel from the indigenous people of those lands. I am uncomfortable with people who claim to be a steward of anything but do not respect the stewards around them. So here is a link to the people of the Mountain Shasta. They are the keepers of that land and live there. Thank you.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I am not one of the organisers (who have been a few times before and know the land) I am one of the facilitators. We are all visitors to the area and none of us claim to be stewards of the land. I will certainly pass on the web-link. Best wishes Sx

      1. Hi, I came across this from a friend posting on FB and have not listened to this yet, perhaps tomorrow or if I feel it to do so. I was intrigued by “Celeste” comments, so I went to your about page and then events to see what it is you do. I live here for the past 2 yrs. and I saw this

        “Drink the Sacred Head-Waters of Shasta flowing directly from inside the mountain itself, activating light quotients on a cellular level.”

        Truth to this when one is Conscious of it and is actively participating with it on all levels, not just some mind thing. I also infuse that area with the highest vibrations of words into the fill area with energies. More importantly is the amount of lower energies the past two Summers coming to Shasta, specifically Headwaters Waterfill and Park. All the low conscious drug/pot using types who are also not all that well in mind, body, emotions, thoughts and energies attached to them to say the least. I AM sent to go clean it up several times a year, mostly Summer when they come and dirty it up on several levels and I AM the Spiritual Eric Cartman (South Park/Hippies) of this nature and job. I/We created a vortex to help keep it flowing and anchoring down the higher realms throughout the park, with the trees doing a major part of it. Yet I have to go clean with my heart wide open and hands working via my Higher Self/Forms embodying me. Not always fun to one who is High Vibration and can feel everything on earth, nor when low conscious thought-forms and beings are not happy you are there to clean them up and let you kow it in more ways then one <3

        I tell you this not to place fear in you, but to wake you up from any "Love and Light" Slumber and bring you back to reality. As well as to ask you and your crew to perhaps add some deep cleaning to that area as well in the forms of actual work, not just "prayers/affirmations", though much appreciated, but if you are gifted with those abilities to do so, then please do <3 It would be very much appreciated by myself, the Higher Realms and the locals here who do not understand this level, but feel the "pressure" and the physical side of it all. Should be a bit better by your arrival in Sept and I may be there again before that, have this feeling as I type lol and smiling through me <3

        I AM sure you will tune into this energy I AM writing here and you may even get something in Meditation or flow to you about what I spoke here to you, perhaps you will even ask firsthand. Either way, let me know what you get about the area and what I told you I do, how they see it and feel it now, as well as the progress. Its a far more special area then just water fill and when you feel it within in you or you are told, then you will know why the "clean up" work is vital and why the dark brings such low conscious/unwell types directly to that Park as well as the whole intertwined ascension plan and transmutation/healing does too <3

        Enjoy your trip here, have fun and be well, be love.

        Love Christopher <3

  4. I loved this meditation. I had very fantastic and strong visuals during and after this meditation where I have often not with other meditations. Thank you Steve. Thank youCousins of Telos.

  5. The stargate to the city of Telos beneath mount shasta help me real the way to get my third eye open and thumb cut for my girl shawana adams and myself.

  6. This was the first transmission that i could literally “feel” and was amazing! Thank you and all working so very hard to reach and awaken us.
    With Rainbow Light and love, brooke AKA AtreeaStar

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