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Stellar Light Transmission: Awaken to Your True Starseed Origins

Listen to this live transmission recorded during an event in central London the day before the Winter Solstice 2016.

For Star Seeds it is important that they reconnect to their star origins which will brings a sense of deeper identity and belonging. When a Starseed awakens to their true identity they are more able to realise their personal life mission of service. The motivations for all Starseeds here on earth is to help and serve humanity and the earth Herself.

Many Starseeds have lived lifetimes in this dimension of the earth to acclimatize to being here. This is in preparation for this time of global shift. Many Starseeds have experiences in higher dimensions of the earth when humanity was a 5th dimensional race. Starseeds have been guardians of the earth and many spiritual centres of learning and healing. Many have missions that go back a long way in human history. There are also many Starseeds incarnating now that have had few or no previous lifetimes on earth. They are here at this time of ascension bringing important gifts for humanity. They have quite pure, light and expansive energy fields and need help to stabilise on the earth. Most within this group are being born to at least one starseed parent since being born into a totally 3D family would be too destabilizing. For all starseeds, earth represents a place of service more than a place of learning.

This transmission is intended to support Starseeds in waking up and connecting to their true stellar origins. It also works to clear confusion and separation along the (past) timeline from the present to the young adult years, adolescent years, childhood and all the way back to the womb. This helps to connect all of your family of selves to the light of your stellar origins.



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  1. Wow, what a beautiful process. So divinely timed. Thanks for your wisdom and guidance. Blessed be. Blessed be you, blessed be all beings. X

  2. OMG!! That was sooo WOW!! Crazy intense wonderful for me !! I had great opening receiving releasing..Thank you so much…I can wait to share this..

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