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Central Sun Transmission: Opening to Receive 5D Ascension Light Codes

We are in a time frame where a new field of light and consciousness is opening. The old 3D reality is shifting as new light impulses continually impact the planet from the Central Sun. This light is coming in great waves since the all-important marker of the Winter Solstice 2012. This planet is an ascending planet. This process of light impacting the earth will cause major changes to the ways we live together on this planet. It is also moving us towards a major dimensional shift that will end the dominance of ‘dark’ agendas on this planet. Many old 3D structures are already wobbling under the radiance of these light frequencies from the Central Sun. This process is already causing many individuals to wake up to a higher level of unity consciousness.

This transmission is intended to help you connect with high frequency universal forces around you. You are here for a reason and that reason is found when you wake up from the sleep of 3D density. This is a meditation-transmission track to connect you with the high frequency light impulses from the Central Sun (Galactic Centre). In this journey you will receive a transmission of light from the Central Sun into every chakra in your etheric body. You will also receive a transmission of light directly into the physical body. This journey works with four ascended masters from the 5D Inner Earth realm and six beings from the Central Sun (a mixture of archangels and masters of light).


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    1. With my eyes closed, the inner light is now much brighter. Thanks for these continued changes within my multi-dimensional bodies Namaste

  1. This is my first full transmission recording that I am now making available to the public. A transmission involves me being fully immersed in the process as I am also holding space for this journey. I really loved connecting with the ascended masters in the Inner Earth. They felt very magical and faery like. The beings from the Central Sun felt very powerful and radiant. The intention of this transmission is to raise your light quotient and bridge heaven and earth in your energy fields. More such recordings will no doubt follow as and when I am guided to create them.

      1. Yes I am very aware of Corey Goode. A message of great hope. I have been connecting with our sun in meditation for two decades. It has only been in the past few years that I have been working with the Galactic Centre.

      2. That article is VERY interesting. I usually don’t click links like this but something told me to lol. I’m glad I did. I’ll be forwarding this to a few ppl to read.

    1. Wow. Feeling it & have been for some time now in meditations im doing from the book of secrets a new commentary by Osho. Recommended very highly. All these energies I’ve been experiencing pulsating through the body you’ve given a clarity to I only heard about the central sun today. I enjoyed the experience with you. Love light valli

  2. Thank you very much ! I am most interested in the cranial base chakra..I am being guided to unlock this area more and more with clients. The Arcturians have been coming to help at that point in the session. How amazing !! The new light that has been arriving since end May is also stunning. How fortunate we are. Blessings to you Steve

  3. I needed this so badly today. i feel Alive again for the first time in months.
    Thank you so very much for sharing this.

  4. Beautiful and at the very end I thought the sun had come out from the clouds whilst I had my eyes closed, but not physically! Purely the true sun energy showing itself. Thankyou and deep blessings.

  5. Beautiful, Steve! Today was all about allowing and healing! And your meditation just hit the spot! Thank you, Lidija
    P.S. Dinner invitation awaits! Thomas and I will be in Londin from March 8th and it would be great to meet up ❤️

  6. Thank you! This was a big step for me. I am an old soul waking up. I trusted my spirit to lead me in and I’m so happy I did. The process was beautiful, peaceful and uplifting. Everything resonated with me. Blessings. Namaste!

  7. Dear Mr. Nobel,
    I have finished reading your great book “STARSEEDS_Wake_Up_Get_On-Track”, It is simply amazing, it took me to your magical world, I would like to communicate with you by email or any other preferable way for you if you could provide me any?
    My email address is,
    Bliss you

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