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The Pleadian Transmission: Starseeds Receive Ascension Light-Codes from Alcyone (Pleadian Central Sun) and Pleadian Archangels/Star Races.

Earth is, at this time is a nexus point for so many different dimensions throughout our Universe. As Earth shifts so many other dimensions will also experience a shift including other dimensions of the earth-plane. In this time of awakening and ascension many Starseeds with strong links to the Pleiades are incarnated on the planet. There are a number of reasons for this. There is a bond between Pleiadians and those who have been stuck here in this long reincarnational 3D cycle. Pleadian Starseeds are also here because of the great need, at this time.

There are a number of challenges for Pleiadian Starseeds. The most difficult being the lowering of their vibration from 6th, 5th and even high 4th to this low 3rd density. There is the very real risk of feeling lost and alone in this aggressive 3D paradigm. Like all other Starseeds here there is the feeling of isolation that comes from feeling different from the majority of those living on the earth. The psychic pollution and psychic noise here can also interfere with the great sensitivity of Pleiadian Starseeds. There can be a temptation to blend in and act like the ‘natives’ here but that rarely works out very well. At a certain point Pleiadian Starseeds need to face their fear of being judged as different or weird. They need to own their uniqueness, align with their soul mission, speak and act in accordance with their authentic truth and mission.

This transmission is offered to assist you in re-connecting to your Pleadian stellar roots and stellar family. You will receive a transmission of light and light-codes from Pleadian Archangels, and angels from Alcyone, the Central Sun of the Pleiades. You will activate a layer of your Diamond Light-Body and corresponding strands of DNA within your cells. This transmission will then create a centre of light within your being which will enable you to burn old 3D programs, energies, thought-forms and cords and radiate a new higher frequency of light out into your reality.



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  1. This transmission made me a bit teary. Lots of love and amazing lights. Felt very safe and being lovingly embraced. Thank you.

    1. Family of light and love thank you so much ,I appreciate for the activation of my blue print ,always at service for The High Council of Pleiades.

  2. This transmission was incredible! I have worked with Pleidian energies before, but never so clearly or so strong as these. i felt embraced and loved by the Pleidian archangels and transported into a beautiful golden orb where I could feel my old 3D programs being transformed by the light. Thank you for this powerful transmission.

  3. Thank you very much.. I think I have to listen to it several times to really feel it… Been probably disconnected too long…i’ve only found out today where I belong and came from. I’m so happy I’ve finally found home again… It took me 53 years…. Love and light to everyone….


    This is extremely powerful. I cried all the time when I was listening… feeling so connected to this and many of my clogged parts were dissolved. Thank all the angels, archangels, ascended masters, high spirits!

    Love from Lilly @Beijing, China

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