In this transmission we work with angelic forces to clear any past, parallel or future timelines where lower astral karma and interference is being generated. We also work to clear and return any lost or trapped soul fragments that were split off during a time of trauma in one or more lifetime. This transmission clears all agreements, thought-forms, implants and imprinting that allows lower astral interference in your reality.

The astral realm contains sub-dimensions where each one reflects the level of consciousness and vibration of the inhabitants contained therein. The upper astral world is the place where we can meet angels, archangels and masters from the higher realms. The higher astral is where we find various temples of healing and schools of spiritual light and wisdom. The middle astral realm is the place where we often go during the dream state. These realms can be very beautiful and full of light and magic. We can also touch the lower astral in the dream state and also when going through a difficult period in our lives. The lower astral vibrates with the lowest levels of energy and consciousness. We could think of this place in terms of being the collective repository of ‘evil’ of humanity. In these ‘Hell Realms’ can be found entities and groups of beings that work within the energy fields of fear, rage, hatred, deceit, helplessness, black magic and so on.

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