This affirmations track addresses the need for psychic protection in this 3D Matrix in this volatile time. Protection and psychic hygiene are essential prerequisites for 5D psychic radiance.

This track contains messages for both your conscious and unconscious minds to seal any lower frequency openings and energies as well as affirming many high frequency forces and shields to assist you. Now is the time to end all lower agreements or contracts that make you vulnerable to lower frequency energies. Now it is time to release anxiety, fear, guilt or any other lower energies that block your path of ascending light. Now it is time to realise your true light, power and sovereignty.

“I am a sovereign being of light. Within my being the war of separation ends, there is no division, nothing to fear. I banish all illusions, all delusions, all glamour, all deceptions. I leave the dimension of shadows and enter the realm of eternal light. As I heal separation consciousness I heal all attack. For I have passed through darkness but I am not darkness. I have passed through the vale of evil but there is no evil in my soul. I am a sovereign being of light. In this lifetime I am safe to shine my light, I am safe to express my truth. Even though I have lived lifetimes where I was hurt or harmed I know in this lifetime I am safe, I am guided. I release all trauma of being hurt or harmed. I release all discordant energies of being hurt or harmed….”




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