There are a number of Starseeds on this planet with Andromedan connections. Andromeda is a beautiful system with many helpful races. Some of these are humanoid and others are taller and have the appearance of great winged angels. This winged race has long connections with the earth. You can think of these beings in this transmission as angels or as star beings (although here I have referred to them as angels). The frequency of these beings is extremely loving and wise.

In this transmission you will be held by six archangels from the earth plane along with four Andromedan angels who create a grid of rainbow crystal light around you. Within this grid you receive a transmission of rainbow crystal light to clear aspects of your physical body as well as a transmission of light that is sent via your energy fields deep within the crystalline grid of the earth to promote a deep healing and cleansing within Gaia and all kingdoms of nature including the human kingdom.


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