In this transmission we invoke the energy of The High Priestess and we connect to Her through the Crystalline Grid and the Ascension-Christ Grid.

The High Priestess is an ancient archetypal energy that embodies wisdom, inner knowledge and guidance. She is often described as the guardian of the unconscious. She has long been banished by the Age of Reason that dominated the world of ideas in Europe during the 18th century. Currently, we are mostly conditioned across the world to rely on left-brain attributes such as logic and strategic planning. In such a climate the right brain with all its creative and intuitive functioning, diminishes in power. This transmission recalls this ancient energy and restores her power in the body. This does not diminish the power of the logical left-brain rather it connects its power to something deeper and older.

We connect to the High Priestess primarily not through the mind. She reaches us through the body and through our feelings before she speaks to us through our higher energy centres. The High Priestess comes to activate and synergise our gut instinct with our higher knowing/intuition. She connects our sacral centre (body consciousness) with our third eye (higher wisdom). It is through the synergy of these two abilities that the High Priestess can work with us and assist us to move more elegantly through our reality.

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