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Krishna Consciousness Transmission: Purify Your Six Senses. Expand Into Unity/Bliss Consciousness.

In this transmission we clear all blocking programming we have taken on during other lifetimes within the Hindu tradition. Many starseeds have experienced lifetimes within this tradition that now needs to be released. This along with all ritual experiences, vows, agreements, promises, soul contracts. We also release any connections to any being, group or teacher within the tradition that blocks our current ascension process. The next part of the transmission we ask Metatron to establish a connection with Krishna in the higher dimensions. Krishna and all beings working with this great Avatar help to purify your six senses, vision, hearing, touch, taste, smell and the sixth sense which is the mind. Once this is done Krishna assists you to fix your consciousness on that which endures, the Universal Field of Light that holds all beings within this ascending timeline. Within this field experience of unity and bliss consciousness.

Krishna was a great Avatar/Teacher who came to embed a seed of light in the darkness of the 3D Matrix. The teachings became a cornerstone for spirituality in the East. Not only informing the ancient Hindu religion but also many of the essential teachings can be found in the latter teachings of Buddhism. When Krishna spoke to Arjuna the world was a different place. In the midst of the 3D Matrix. This planet was in darkness and this message was given in the midst of a battlefield. Krishna came to embed a seed of light in the darkness. This message was to promote courage, devotion, discipline and understanding of the laws of karma and vibration.

Now we are in an ascending timeline the context is different. Yet many core elements of Krishna’s original message (Bhagavad Gita) are timeless. Many thousands of years ago in India Krishna spoke about the eternal nature of the soul. The soul is “indestructible, immeasurable and eternal.” The soul cannot be physically harmed. The soul exists beyond all birth and death. He spoke about the soul being subject to Karma, the law of action and reaction. He was the first to speak upon the nature of impermanence and the problems generated through aversion or attachment. He offered a path of devotion to help many go beyond the egoic mind. Now we are in an ascending timeline the context of his message is different. In this ascending time-frame the nature of fighting darkness has changed. The planet is emerging from darkness. Now the battlefield is mostly internal between the shadows and demons of the egoic mind and the Higher Self. This conflict leads into the ascension process as the Higher Mind assumes control from the Lower.

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  1. Love and blessings to you Steve! Gratitude beyond words!

    Such timing! I cried and cried while receiving these gifts of Unity and Krishna. consciousess. I have always loved KRishna! ,always felt close to Him!
    Incredible timing! (i just broke my shoulder and am incapacitated, in need of physical and spiritual support. And Krishna came through you to restore Trust and Faith that i will be supported , healed and able to continue on my mission- I am 85 yrs young and need to maintain my )independance). All is well!

  2. I listen and relisten. Such synchronicity! Everything i need to hear and trust. All LOvE. Gratitude and JOY!

  3. I had a transformative and purifying experience listening to this. It was profound. I felt a guided ball of light loosening up stagnant energy in by body. A depressive fog of anxiety was lifted almost instantly and I felt more vibrant and more like myself than ever! For 3 days before this and that same day, I had been chanting Hare Krishna and thinking about Krishna consciousness before deciding to type in Krishna Consciousness in the Youtube search bar, which is how I found this video. I extend a wave of gratitude to you for your transmissions and your efforts to share them. You have made an incredible difference in my energy state and I feel purified and and emboldened to pursue dedicated spiritual practice.

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