It is time to birth heaven on earth and this is the way of miracle consciousness. Use this affirmation track often to re-program your subconscious for miracles.

“There is a great magic inherent in all of creation. I am a drop in the great ocean of creative beneficial power. I feel this great creative power stir within me. This magical power, when awakened in a great many people will birth a new heaven on earth. I am the awakened power of light that transforms the world…..

This power of light is stirring in many. It is opening one eye. Like a great golden dragon that has been sleeping for ages and is now waking up. This dragon has been guarding a great benevolent power. Keeping it safe in the dark times for a time like now. Now it is time for this benevolent power to become fully active in this world. I am the waking power that births a new heaven on earth.”

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