***PLEASE NOTE***           This transmission is to be used first on your own inner child and then using this track it can be used on a star child who is a blood relation or you have legal guardianship. This transmission is ideal for parents of Starseed children. (When using for a blood relation child during the transmission you will be invited to ask their Higher Self for permission to proceed. Please note sometimes you will not be granted permission. This must always be respected. Sometimes it is simply a question of timing).

***PLEASE NOTE***           In this transmission the Golden Rule is less is more. More light is not always the right thing. It is a question of the right intensity of light at the right time. This is very important. Too much light can feel detrimental. Too much light for a star child can shift things too quickly. Always be guided by your inner wisdom and your Higher Self as well as the Higher Self of the child.

Star children have been coming in waves since the 1960’s. Star Children have come to Earth with a very special mission – to recreate a global human community based on soul qualities such as love and harmony. Star children are highly sensitive and feel that Earth is not their natural home. There are three types of star children, Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow. The Indigo Children are rebellious and warrior-like in spirit. They came to challenge and shake the system. Crystal children are usually more easy going, they are highly empathic and imaginative. Rainbow children are the most recent wave and are innately connected to their Higher Self and the Spiritual Dimensions. Rainbow Children typically are new to this dimension of the Earth.

This transmission clears the energy field, clears any negative projections, and connects the star child (whether an aspect of yourself or another being) to positive energies from their Higher Self along with and other helpful beings that are incarnate and also disincarnate in the Spirit Worlds. Finally, it also connects the star child to star races they feel a natural affinity with.



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