Your Higher Self is a higher dimensional aspect that acts as a bridge between this ascending 3D worlds and higher worlds of light. Your Higher Self is in a sense a Guardian Angel that watches over your ascension process. This process has involved incarnating into a lower frequency dimension one that is rules by a collective separative type of consciousness. The path of ascension is assisted by the Higher Self who, when the timing is right, begins the process of awakening to higher frequencies of light, possibility and unity consciousness.

In this transmission we call upon the Higher Self to descend into the body as a glorious golden-orange sun of light. This sun activates and transmits light codes to every chakra from the crown down to the base. Once this is done the Higher Self opens the inner channel and grounds our energy deep into the crystalline core of Gaia. Then the Higher Self begins to open three new centres of power in the body that are essential for the ascension process to continue into higher bands of light, power and grace.



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