This is a quick meditation method to close, seal and protect your energy fields. This method should be practiced often so that when the time comes for protection you are well-versed in this method. After the meditation you can remove the protection or keep it on as required.

Begin by facing the North: Invoke Archangel Uriel before you with the symbol of a golden pentacle surrounded by flaming Ruby Red Fire.
Invoke Archangel Raphael to your right and protective emerald green fire.
Invoke Archangel Michael at your back with the protective sword of light.
Invoke Archangel Gabriel to your left and summon Diamond White Fire washing through you, cleansing all shadows.
Invoke Archangel Metatron and Archangel Sandalphon. All chakras are opened and then closed and sealed.
Archangel Uriel projects a symbol of golden pentacle with flaming ruby red fire protecting each chakra (front and back).
Then Archangel Sandalphon wraps a cloak of dark velvet blue around you, around your head, throat, torso and legs.

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