As we have passed through a turbulent time of transition (2016-2018) now is a good time to begin to invoke the energies associated with this angel. This transmission attunes you to the love and support of the angelic kingdom and opens the way for more peace, harmony, joy and love to enter your life. (Archangel Haniel is associated with the planet Venus).

This Archangel’s presence can be felt as calming, peaceful and serene energy which can assist us in clearing out any lower frequency energies that run counter to peace and serenity. This Archangel can also assist us in bringing in the higher frequencies of harmony, joy and love into the cells and structures of our physical body as well as our emotional and mental bodies. In this transmission we send a higher light also to our personality selves and then outwards into multidimensional realities, along timelines and also to Starseeds and the Collective Consciousness into this material plane.


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