Energy cleansing is not something we do just once. It is an ongoing activity. Thus is because we live in a volatile world and we can pick up low frequency energies such as anger, fear, guilt and so on that need to be released.

An energetic imprint is received during a highly charged experience, including something that can feel traumatic. An imprint can contain trapped emotions such as fear, guilt or shame along with a limiting thought or belief. Imprints can also generate energetic cords linking and looping your energy back to the past. We can receive an imprint from an interaction with another person or through our involvement in a highly charged situation.

In this transmission we work with he angels to clear your physical body, etheric, emotion and mental bodies of any energy imprint received. The transmission works with Crystal Devas to extract low frequency energetic imprints. it also works with angels holding the transmuting Silver-Violet Ray.

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