In this transmission we invoke Archangel Jophiel and the Citrine-Gold Ray in three ways, as uplifter, as inspirer and as protector of our light.

There are three main aspects of Archangel Jophiel we invoke in this transmission. Firstly, Jophiel as the Archangel of beauty and joy. In this aspect this angel often has a more feminine presence that is gently uplifting, playful and vibrant. This is an invocation for an increase in light and self-love which produces a shift in how we see the world.

Secondly, Jophiel is the archangel for artists, musicians, visionaries and for those initiating new projects. Jophiel can also be called in this aspect to bring more clarity, inspiration and possibility to seemingly difficult problems, where the way forward is hard to see or feel. In this aspect we invoke energies of high creativity, innovation and illumination. Again, in this aspect this angel often has a feminine feel.

The third aspect of Jophiel is that of guardian and protector. In this aspect Jophiel can feel more masculine or gender neutral. The Zohar, sacred text of the Kabbalah, states that Jophiel is one of the archangels helping Archangel Michael defend the world against darkness. So, we call upon Jophiel to seal our energy fields with the Citrine-Gold Ray.

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