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Ascension News: Consciousness, Ego, Resistance and the Ascension Process.

“When we speak about ascension we must also talk about consciousness. We must understand that our consciousness is not one thing but is rather many layered. We have a conscious mind that has two aspects. The left-brain is the rational, logical, reasonable, strategic part of us. The right-brain is the creative, imaginative, intuitive part of us. Often these two aspects act like divorced parents. Perhaps one is more dominant and seeks to control or repress the other. In our left-brain dominant world, we are often trained to trust our logical mind and suppress our intuitive mind. Of course, it can happen the other way around where we become the artistic or spiritual rebel and disown our logical mind. The ascension process seeks to heal this artificial split that has been going on for far too long. When this happens there is a sacred marriage within our consciousness. The yang left-brain and the yin right-brain work together. You could imagine this as an infinity symbol within the brain. Both aspects working in unity. There is true partnership rather than disharmony……



Just as we have a conscious mind, we also have an unconscious mind. This mind also has different layers. One layer is responsible for the automatic functioning of the physical body. It keeps the heart beating, it assists you breathing when you are focused on other things, causes the lymph system to circulate, your eyes to blink, your stomach to digest your food, and many other tasks that you probably never think about. This aspect is also in charge of the etheric body, our chakra system. In 3D it opens and closes our chakras very much like the iris of the eye responds to sunlight. This is also the part of us that is the emotional self, the part that laughs and cries. This is the Younger Self that some consider the inner child. The unconscious holds all our memories and conditioning in this lifetime. Conditioning is connected to learning. Naturally, there is conditioning that we accept as we are growing up that is not helpful and needs to be cleared in adulthood. However, conditioning has an important function since it allows us to learn. We can learn to drive a car and then do it without consciously thinking about it. We can learn to play the piano and then just play without thinking too much. We can learn to dance and then we just do it. Actually, when we think too much with our conscious mind about the activity, we can interrupt the flow. At the deeper levels of the unconscious mind we hold memories from other lifetimes. Our unconscious mind is aware of both traumatic lifetimes and also blessed ones where we activated our Soul Gifts. The unconscious mind is aware of agreements, vows or promises we have made across all lifetimes. Some of these agreements can cause interference in our present lifetime. For instance, the old Christian monastic vows were about agreeing to poverty, chastity and obedience. Such agreements can at a certain stage of the awakening ascension process begin to impede our path. For instance, agreeing to follow the dictates of a 3D church can impede our ability to connect directly with Spirit. Our unconscious mind still believes that going through some church is the correct way to go. So, the unconscious mind is multi-layered. The ascension process seeks to heal any artificial divides and blocks between the conscious and unconscious mind. When this is done it is easier to clear past trauma and also access the vast treasures and capabilities within the unconscious mind.

Another name for the ego is personality and this is also multi-layered. We can be curious at times, cautious at other times. We can be confident in one moment and in another want to retreat from the world and curl up in the warmth of our bed. We can be ambitious and bold, compliant, and rebellious all in the space of the same day. We are many selves although some can be dominant and others more hidden in the shadows of the psyche. The ego exists in the space between the conscious and unconscious minds. Some aspects are more conscious and accepted. Others are more unconscious and repressed or disowned. The ascension process seeks to make us whole and balance out our personality selves. The ego initially may seek to block the light of ascension because it distrusts or does not understand the process. All our learnt behaviour is geared towards surviving in the 3D Matrix. The ego does not understand the energetic shift. Actually, there is no death only transformation. The ego transforms and then becomes an ally in the process. All our childish (rather than child-like) and fixed/rigid (rather than flexible) parts of us become transformed in the light of ascension. All internal conflicts come to resolution. This allows for a greater freedom and flexibility of thinking, feeling and action.

We are the conscious mind and we are the unconscious mind yet there is another mind we must consider, our Higher Mind or Higher Self. The Higher Self is the guide or bridge in the ascension process to higher levels of Spirit. It is our wise God/Goddess Self. We could also consider this aspect our Gatekeeper. The part of us that connects us to helpful forces in the Universe. We could see this aspect as a field of pure light. It may also take the form of a God or Goddess. In my early days of connecting with the Higher Self I saw this being in meditation as an external being of light that eventually took the form of an Egyptian God. Over time this changed and it now feels that I am one with my Higher Self. This is also one of the goals of ascension, the unification of all other selves with the Higher Self. When the unification process happens, the Higher Self begins to speak more powerfully through the unconscious mind. It is important to note that the Higher Mind does not communicate directly with our left-brain mind. It goes through the body and energy fields first. This is why it is important to clear all resistance in the unconscious mind so that impulses from the Higher Self can flow through us without distortion. Think of this like a river. If the river has large boulders or is dammed then the flow is impeded. If the river is clear then the flow of water moves without restriction.

We begin to feel sensations and impulses through the body. Our intuition becomes stronger. We are increasingly pulled away from lower frequency situations and people as our Higher Self seeks to align us with a different track. Our vibration increases and we steadily seek out more joy and flow and our lives also seem to be more joyful and vibrant. This process generates a feeling of aliveness in the body. The Higher Self reaches through the body to connect with the emotional body and chakra system. We are being opened and stretched. We are being pulled out of our comfort or familiarity zones. Our mind expands. We begin to channel energies perhaps in the form of new ideas or possible projects. We begin to dream in new ways perhaps feeling we are connecting with higher beings and star races.

As we move forward this can also hit up against deeper layers of resistance. At the same time as we absorb more light there can be some kick-back from the ego that does not like the process. This is natural. Eventually, the process transforms the ego and all resistance dissolves as the trust and understanding of the process increases. It is common for our personality to change, perhaps we become more compassionate and less judgemental or more serene and less reactive. Everyone has their own unique process in this regard.

As we move along the ascension path, present life and also other life trauma can be released. All memories are energies that need to be met and transformed. I remember early on in my awakening process I had a spontaneous memory of being burnt at the stake as a witch. This memory evoked very strong emotions of terror and also anger. As I moved through the memories, I found on the other side a great release of anxiety and fear that had been with me all my life. This release also cleared a fear of persecution that made little sense in my current life. So, the ascension process is not only about facing the light it is also about facing and clearing the dark.

Resistance to the process can take many forms. Present and other life memories arise, the ego resists and there can also be family and bloodline energies can seek to block or interfere. Resistance can present itself as practical blocks such as one or both parents objecting to the changes they sense in you. It can also be energetic and invisible where the bloodline seeks to energetically block your path. This is done for various reasons. One reason is a 3D bloodline will distrust the energy of a Starseed. The bloodline may sense danger in that you may do something that humiliates or betrays the bloodline. Some bloodlines are very dense and dark, meaning there has been violence or abuse or trauma on the line. Ancestral energies may seek to block your awakening. Perhaps there are agreements on a bloodline to block the light. Some bloodlines have agreements to actively serve and support the dark, meaning all anti-light forces. Over the years I have found it quite common for bloodline energies to block the throat and sacral chakras which are the centres of self-expression. Bloodlines may not like you expressing yourself creatively, emotionally or sexually in the way you would most like. These blocks can feel like energies seeking to strangle these chakras. The throat chakra at one level is about self-expression, the words you speak. At another level it is about the expression of your Soul Mission. The ascension process seeks to clear all interference so that you can connect with the more positive and supportive energies on the bloodline. It is important to note that every bloodline, no matter how dark has also redeeming energies and forces that can be connected with. It is important to remember you chose the mother and father lines for a reason. Your ascension process is also allowing more light into the bloodlines that will serve those starseeds who choose to incarnate in these bloodlines in the future.

As the ascension process continues there is a unification of the three selves which enables a deeper ability to express our authentic nature and create our reality. The ego has been transformed and becomes a safe container for our intensifying light. We learn to transform limiting old stories and beliefs and we create new possibilities that eventually manifest in our reality. The bloodline interference has been dealt with. Trauma from other lifetimes has also been cleared. We begin to believe that the light is stronger than the opposing dark. This is important because this has not been the case on the planet for thousands of years. Lightworkers were neutralised, side-lined, imprisoned or killed for centuries if not thousands of years. The light is now stronger than the dark anti-light forces on the planet. This is allowing us to safely shift up the vibrational energetic scale. We can now stop resonating at the levels of anxiety, confusion, fear, guilt, resentment and so on and start resonating at a baseline of joy, harmony, love, wonder and so on. The higher we resonate the clearer our guidance to move through these volatile times. The higher we resonate the easier it is to know and express our true Soul Mission. As we begin to do this our true path of service begins to emerge.”



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  1. Hi Steve, thank you for this great, helpful and clear explanation of how all the minds and energies fit together! I found the article really very clear, succinct and easy to understand, and packed with useful information. For new starters, all this information may be quite confusing, and some web sites offer it in a very complicated manner I’d say. So thank you for explaining all this in simple but rich terms!

  2. The strangest thing, I knew ascension was coming. I knew it would reveal what was behind the veil. It would provide truth to those who felt lost. Ascension has no instructions, though it will give the awakend pathways and choices. Some of the healthy choices are the hardest to make. It requires letting go of what you want, though understanding it was never real.

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