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Narcissist Patterning Release Transmission: Moving Beyond Draining Low-Frequency Relationships.

In this meditation you will clear the energies and patterning (from this and other lifetimes) throughout the Akashic Records that lead you into a draining low-frequency relationship where you feel obliged to rescue another or giving away your energy and power to any situation that drains your core light, energy and vitality.

Starseeds tend to be empathic. Yet, like moths drawn to the flame, Starseed-Empaths can be drawn into soul sucking friendships or relationships with 3D Narcissists. Such relationships can leave a Starseed-Empath feeling exhausted at best and unhinged and suicidal at worst. A Starseed-Empath will usually attract such a relationship to learn important lessons. A Starseed-Empath tends to be a generous open person that wishes to share their love and light. However, they may have been conditioned within a 3D Family to tip into over-giving and self-sacrifice as a way of finding love and appreciation. They may have been conditioned into manifesting weak boundaries. On the other hand, a 3D narcissist is the exact opposite and will have no issue with crossing boundaries, blaming, shaming and taking a Starseed-Empath’s energy and light and anything else that seems to be on offer with little remorse.


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  1. Thank you, Steve, so much for this. I feel like you’re reading my mind, I needed this so much! Born into a family of narcissists it has taken me 50 years to realize and begin to understand this. I am so grateful for you!

    1. Yes! it’s not an easy task. But the important thing is that we re doing it to free ourselves and reconnect and recover our true self!

  2. My blessed daughter sent me this tonight and it has been so welcomed and as though I have been cleansed through and through of so much that I had attracted over nearly 77 years of this life time, and also probably and likely past lifetimes as well.
    I will share it widely with the special people who can benefit as i feel I have! An enormous thank you, Steve, and God Bless you for this gift!

  3. Excellent one, Steve. I have sent it on to two people that I know who can really benefit from this one.

  4. Love and blessings to you Steve. Another awesome meditation, thank you for this wonderful gift, so glad I found your you tube channel and web site. Many, many, blessings.

  5. Thank you Steve this is a blessing. It’s been 65years dealing with this.
    I feel free to live and enjoy my own life in divine alignment.
    Blessings Pamela

  6. Wow! This is exactly me, describes my life. I just got rid of a super high level Narcissist who happened to trigger my Spiritual Awakening. I’ve used your other meditations to guide and heal myself. Thank you so much.

  7. Having left a long term marriage, (22 years, together for 26 years), I now realize that he is a sociopath/ narcissist. This meditation is just what I needed to clear any remaining cords, energies, patterns, etc. Thank goodness for the Ascension process! Blessings and Light.

  8. Wow I have no words for how much this helped me…Bless you Steve to the Highest for creating this and CLOSE CAPTIONING it so I and other hearing impaired people could do it!! I love you….

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