Starseeds and Lightworkers can from time to time feel ungrounded and this can cause various problems. Being grounded is an essential skill for empaths and highly sensitive people. Being ungrounded can lead to feeling spacey, vulnerable and off-balance as you go through daily life. Being grounded is like being a tree with strong roots in the earth. The deeper the roots the taller the branches can go.

Lack of grounding can come through distrusting the body and physical life, it can come through old beliefs that the spirit is pure and the body is corrupt, it can come through shock and trauma, it can come through living too much in the head and negating the heart, it can come through finding the energies of this ascending plane too difficult generating a desire to leave the body. It can come through an excessive spiritual practice that begins to negate the emotions and the physical body.

There are many ways to ground yourself. Any physical activity such as walking, dancing, gardening and sports will automatically ground you. Mindfulness practice can be helpful. Learning to be in the present moment. Sitting near certain species trees is one of my favourite ways to ground. (I find Pine very cleansing/grounding, Hawthorn very magical/grounding, Oak very strengthening/grounding and Yew very wise/grounding). Certain meditations can also help.

In this meditation we connect to the energies of Gaia and to Her core. (Scientists believe that the core of the earth is solid iron. The inner core is solid, but the outer core is a hot fiery liquid).


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