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Shifting a Personal Relationship into Light Meditation.

This meditation is intended to shift the energy between you and another. The outcome of this shift depends on a number of factors. Some relationships are very short, some endure for a season and some for a lifetime. This work may result in a warmer, clearer more supportive connection. It may also speed up any issues between you that need clearing. It may quicken the end of the relationship.


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  1. Thank you Soul Matrix for these very informative blogs. I’m currently in an awakening process also and i am always browsing around for more knowledge on spirituality and how to better my myself. Your content has taught me that we are the creators of our life and that we are continuously manifesting our desires!

  2. Many thanks for leading this amazing meditation <3 I keenly felt the shift in energy frields. Blessings to you xxx

  3. Finding the words to express my gratitude for your meditations is difficult. Each day in FB I look to find your special gift. The love, kindness and empathy you send is palpable, so with much love and light I send my thanks to you – you make each day a special gift. Thank you very much.

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Steve Nobel

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