If you feel drawn to this meditation then you are choosing to dissolve all energetic and magical links with the moon and you are realigning with the Solar-Gaia Circuit of the Earth and Great Central Sun. (This meditation can be done during the day or in the evening and it can be done during any phase of the moon.)

Sensitive men and women naturally feel a connection to the moon. This is because of the close proximity of the moon to the Earth which creates a strong gravitational pull that affects the tides. The gravitational pull also influences the menstruation cycle in women. The gravitational pull of the moon is not the issue this meditation addresses. The moon is part of a frequency control structure that seeks to maintain the energetic integrity of the low-frequency control grid upon the collective consciousness of humanity. For thousands of years many have worked with the lunar cycles in magical ceremonies, in meditation and manifestation rituals. Lunar energies have been utilised for healing and manifesting white magic. Lunar energies have also been used to fuel destructive and karmically binding forms of black magic. Moon magic of both kinds are very potent though there are dangers in working with lunar energies even for white magic. The word ‘lunacy’ gives a good clue as to the potential dangers of working too closely with lunar energies. This is because lunar energies potentially opens us to deception and interference by lower astral and galactic energies, entities and fallen angels.


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