Work in the 3D Matrix – In the 3D Matrix work is about struggle, hard work, sacrifice, getting ahead in a dog eat dog world. Scarcity is the rule for the majority. And for those who are doing well there is always the fear of falling from grace into poverty. Here work is a means of earning money to survive in the world. If you are doing work you dislike, feel bored with, where there is little or no growth, where there is conflict and painful drama, then your work is keeping you locked in a low frequency prison. 3D work is often about win/lose or even lose/lose scenarios.


Lessons to be Embraced – We are learning to value our time and energy. Perhaps we are learning to love ourselves. Perhaps we are learning to trust that the universe really does have our back. We may be learning to clear fear around money and survival. There are often lessons around money also. In 3D money is about grabbing and taking and even stealing. Also sacrificing. In 5D is it is about giving and receiving. The journey is about moving from fear and scarcity to trust and flow.

Before you can leave the 3D Matrix – You may be asked to embrace certain internal states so you can move to a different level of the game. You might need to embrace gratitude when you do not feel very grateful, you may be asked to embrace peace and serenity where there is conflict around you. You may also need to learn detachment. You may need to learn the lesson of compassion for the suffering of others and at the same time choose not to join in with that suffering. You may be required to forgive and let go of certain individuals and experiences.

Skills and Abilities – As well as learning the lessons you are required not to disregard the skills and abilities you learnt in the 3D Game of Work. Please remember that the skills and experiences you have gained in the 3D Matrix can be useful further down the line. These skills can be put to use in a higher way.

The Nature of Resistance – Before we can leave, we will usually resist the calling to the path. This calling comes from your Higher Self. Resistance comes from the ego and takes many forms. All resistance comes from a core of fear and doubt. To get past your resistance you will need courage. You need to come to the point where enough is enough. You also need to trust that you are being guided on the journey. You are not alone. The clearer your intuition the easier will be your path out of the 3D Matrix. To escape the gravitational pull, you need to become aware of your life story, made up of all of your beliefs and attitudes. What you think you deserve and do not deserve. What you think you are worthy and unworthy of experiencing. What you think you are capable and incapable of doing and moving towards. This life story comes from your present life conditioning. It also may be partly handed to you from your ancestral bloodlines. The struggles and unresolved challenges of your ancestors maybe handed down for you to resolve. These challenges and unresolved issues may involve money and work. There may be invisible limits set on your abundance and success for example. Perhaps the struggle with poverty. Perhaps the challenges of wealth in a society of have and have nots. The good news is your life story belongs to you and you alone have the power to transform it.

A Question of Timing – When it comes to following your courage and unhooking from work that does not feed your heart, mind and soul. When the time comes you are being called to find your true work that gives expression to your authentic Spirit. You are moving into win/win scenarios which may feel a little odd at first but you will certainly grow to like them.  Even as you proceed along the path you may still be called to face all your doubts and fears. This is because there are no guarantees about the journey and this may feel disconcerting to someone used to the safety of a monthly pay check. Safety does not necessarily come from staying put and doing the same old. As you take the step it can feel exciting and scary. You may pass through a void of confusion. This is normal and nothing to worry about. This void is a reflection of how big a step you are taking from fear to love and possibility.

Flowing Towards 5D Work – When you decide to move towards work and allowing money to flow more in alignment with your true essence there are some things you can do to help you move forward. Take time out in silence to ask yourself what you would love to experience in terms of your work. Your true purpose is within you. Take time for daily inspiration whether that be through blogs, books, YouTube Ted Talks, podcasts and so on. Take the time to define what happiness and success mean to you. Know what is truly important. What is important to others may not be important to your journey. Take time to envision your highest future. When you do this, you are not condemned to repeat the patterns of your past. Follow your dreams, joy and passion and you will uncover multidimensional gifts that you did not realise were within you. On the journey money is just fuel for the journey it is never the end goal of the journey. When you are on track you will be learning about giving and receiving. Not the conditional form that we experience in 3D. Where love is usually conditional. We step into unconditional giving and receiving. We give without expectation that we will receive in equal measure from the same person. We give knowing that we will receive somewhere and sometime. The Intelligence of the universe is always speaking to you. There are signs and portents everywhere. Not every message is meaningful. Discernment is important. You just need to keep your eyes and ears and heart open. Take small steps in line with your journey. At some point you may be called to take a big leap of faith. So, practise with small steps. Move forward in faith. Celebrate your small successes. Transformation is part of the journey. Transforming the old and stepping into the new. We transform your self-image and sense of personal identity when we take this journey. Transforming your life from the inside out. Then everything becomes possible and eventually probable. Remember you are a Stewart and not the owner of anything. At the end of this life you will leave everything behind. You do not own money or the house you live in or your prized possessions. Even your achievements you leave behind for others to use as they wish. When you find your true purpose and direction everything will make sense. Even the lessons in 3D that pointed the way. The journey is seeking to reveal your true niche in life. This niche is a combination of several ingredients. Your dreams, your strengths and skills, your values, your challenges, utilising your intuition and looking out for the inevitable signs and portents along the way. Your life’s work will include service. Contribution and legacy are important aspects of service. Your work will help a group of people in some way. It may also help those who follow you in the bloodline. Thus, your work may include becoming an inspiration and a resource for others.


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