Starseeds often face issues of abandonment because they feel different. Abandonment programming can come from conditioning in this life. It can come through a rejection by the bloodlines. It can come from other lifetimes.

The core issue of abandonment can come from ancient times. There can be a deep feeling that God Goddess/All That Is has abandoned them. This began with the descent in frequency in Lemuria from 5D to 4D and continued with the fall of Atlantis where humanity fell from 4D to the density of a 3D earth.

In this lifetime, Starseeds are often cast as the rainbow sheep of the family. Perhaps their human need for physical and emotional care was not adequately met. Perhaps one or both parents were emotionally unavailable. Abandonment issues can be generated by one or both parents: suppressing the child’s need for authentic emotional expression, ridiculing the child for being different, using the child to enhance their own self-worth in some way, or by placing too high an expectation and pressure on the child, needing to be parented by the child. Perhaps there may have been a feeling of unsafety or perhaps physical, emotional or sexual abuse. Also, if one or both parents were physically not present. Abandonment may occur in childhood and be compounded in adolescence and adulthood. Abandonment patterns often play out in adult relationships and tend to lead to issues around trust and intimacy.

Please remember that Starseeds belong to the club of not belonging! This transmission was recorded within the energies of the 11:11 Gateway in 2019.


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