In this meditation we call upon Horus, a Light Warrior aspect of the Great Central Sun to disentangle us from all interactions with the ‘dark’ (all anti-light, anti-evolutionary forces) and to reconnect us fully with our path of light.

Horus, the archetypal Light Warrior, was known as the son of the Ancient Egyptian Goddess Isis. He was depicted in Ancient Egypt as a Falcon headed deity wearing a red and white crown, as a symbol of kingship over the entire kingdom of Egypt.

The 3D Matrix is a time/space of growth through opposition to our light. We are now entering a new time and a new paradigm where growth is through unification with then light. As this 3D Matrix dissolves, the dark step out of the shadows and are forced to reveal their agenda of control, deceit and manipulation. At this time in the ascension process all interactions with the dark are heightening. This is necessary and is a prelude to all such interactions disappearing completely.


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