In this meditation we call upon Universal Energy and our Family of Light, to invoke and release a flow of miracles in our reality. Miracle Consciousness is the state of a soul that has stabilised within 5th Level Density.

In the 3D Matrix miracles are a rarity and when they occur, they are deemed to be due to Divine Providence. As the light is ascending the possibility of mastery is being birthed on the earth-plane. This mastery involved taking responsibility for the reality we are allowing, attracting and creating around us. Many Starseeds have incarnated within dense 3D Bloodlines and have inherited limiting and painful stories that block fluidity of movement and manifestation on the earth-plane. Similarly, many Starseeds have incarnated within the 3D Matrix over a number of lifetimes and have been conditioned and imprinted into stories that lead to stuckness, limitation, powerlessness and stagnation. This meditation seeks to neutralise all stuckness and release the magic within your reality.



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