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Blue Sun Transmission: 8/8 Gateway. Shifting into a Higher Octave of Love.

At this moment the earth is being bathed in the light of two suns. One is the golden sun of our solar system, the other is the Blue Sun of Sirius. The rising of the Blue Sun during the Lion’s Gateway 26 July to 12 August, is activating a doorway of light where we can shift into a higher octave of experience in a 5D and above reality.

In this transmission you can enjoy the energies of both suns. You can open to absorb light codes to assist your personal eveolution in this time/space dimension. Doing this also assists the evolution of this earth-plane. Blue Sun Transmission: Shifting into a Higher Octave of Love.




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  2. I once had a very vivid dream there were 2 Suns in the sky. One, our regular Sun and the other … wait, hold up … it was another planet. It was huge, blue and very close.
    And actually looked an awful lot like the picture in this meditation.
    (Hhmmm, makes me wonder.)
    Regardless, good to know I can speak freely of such things and am in good company.
    Anybody else feeling exhilarated about having this Sirian energy bombarding the planet?
    Makes me feel more comfortable being here. Happy Lions Gate 2020. Rrrraaaarrrr!

    Thank you Starseed Steve for all that you do. We are eternally grateful!

  3. How powerful as I have recently realized I am a Blue ray starseed‍♀️❤️ Thank you Steve Nobel for your generous loving work to be and do our destiny that we came here for!!! Love and blessings to you Always!! Have been following you since 2017

  4. Thank you for this beautiful transmission. My body went through dancing movements during the code receiving portion. Do light codes come in the form of movement?

  5. Thank you…Steve for your beautiful transmission and for your love to help my self.

  6. Oh my,
    After years of being in this ‘ever-so-gently’ awaiting this allignment, & grounding it into a vision of our beautiful earth, our planet, our neighborhoods, our people, & our profits,
    Finally, this allignment is doubtless for me.
    Regulous & Vega are showing up.

    I appreciate this moment unfolding so very much. Thank you all.

  7. Hi Steve, Thank YoU sooo much for this beautiful transmission!☀️… as always the energy was wonderful I am very grateful, thankful and blessed to have found you! Every transmission I’ve listened too has been AmaZinG Thank you again from the bottom of my heart and SouL The world needs you and your messages✨❤️❤️ LoVe and BlesSinGs to you and your family✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

  8. …i was so happy to see you had posted this for Lions Gate…ever grateful for all the transmissions over the years…thank you…deeply felt, as always…

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