In this morning meditation your Team in Spirit and the Archangels create a triple layered sphere of protection. The first layer is the innermost layer, created by Metatron, where Ultra-Violet Angels clear the space to make way for a healing uplifting set of frequencies to uplift your physical and energetic bodies. The second layer is the outermost layer, created by Sandalphon, comprised of a several inch thick sheet of Herkimer Diamond. The third layer is the space inbetween which is created by Zero-Point Field Angels which is a vacuum/void space. This protection meditation can be repeated as often as you need to begin your day.

Please Note: Zero-point energy is the lowest possible frequency that an energy field can have. The empty space of a vacuum possesses zero-point energy. The empty vacuum of space is actually a sea of virtual particles fluctuating in and out of existence. These fluctuations are ‘fuelled’ by Zero-point energy. Many physicists believe that the “vacuum holds the key to a full understanding of nature”.



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