Why Inner Peace is Important….

When we allow our inner peace to be disturbed then we will find our core vibration drops, our ability to stay in the flow is more challenging and graceful solutions seem harder to find. When we learn to allow nothing to interfere with our inner peace then we have learnt a major skill in the ascension process, one that is essential at this time.

The World May Seek to Intrude on our Inner Peace….

There is much in the world right now that seeks to intrude on our inner peace. With the current global crisis there is so much disturbance in the world. The media is also adding greatly to this disturbance. We can be disturbed by the strong emotional reactions from others such as anxiety and anger. We may also feel disturbed by the strong judgements and opinions of others.

The Importance of Going Within….

Anytime we find our inner peace disturbed it is time to go within and release any energy, emotional or mental, impacting upon our peace. After doing this we can then look at our own conditioning, beliefs, ‘rules’ for living and life scripts to see if anything needs to be transformed.

What to Expect During this Meditation…

In this meditation we call upon the Angels of Serenity. We also call upon the chalice of Archangel Gabriel and Ultraviolet fire angels. Gabrial offers his silver chalice which is filled with ultraviolet fire and then placed on an altar within a temple of light in the Crystalline Grid of Gaia. Herein, we are encouraged to release all external judgements, opinions, lower energies that disturb our peace. We also release our judgements and opinions about the world and others that disturb our peace. Within the burning chalice all energies are transmuted. The meditation ends with a transmission of light deep intio the body and energy fields from the Angels of Serenity.

More Background Information about this Track….

Recorded on the Spring Equinox, 2021. Music by Lauren Tui Florea 7.2 Root Chakra Note C2 (2Hz Delta)

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