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Super Quick Mirror of Judgement Meditation.

The Mirror of Judgement…..

In this meditation we explore the two sides of the mirror concerning judgment. The first side is where we judge the world. The second side is where we judge ourselves, this is the realm of the Inner Critic. This meditation is designed to clean both sides of this mirror!

We Have Been Trained to Be Critical Thinkers….

We have been educated and trained to be critical thinkers and to judge. This means making positive or negative assessments about our reality. This means deciding who is right and who is wrong, who is innocent and who is to blame, who has bent or broken the rules and should be punished and so on.

Our Judgements Are Not a True reflection of Reality…

We believe that our judgements reflect reality whereas they merely reflect what is happening in our internal psyche. The world is our mirror, and the external reflections we receive are feedback that are meant to help us understand what needs healing. Where we blame/judge others is where we have been blamed/judged. Where we judge others is an indication of what is going on within our ego personality selves. Underneath all judgement is pain of some kind. Most often in the form of guilt or shame.

Judgements are Painful…

Judgments often lead to hurtful consequences. When we are in the grip of blame or judgment then solving immediate issues as well as envisioning the future becomes difficult if not impossible. Judgements will intentionally or unintentionally hurt other people’s feelings. At worst, judgement leads to drama, bullying, conflict, and separation. Judgement ultimately seeks retribution and punishment. Whereas self-judgement will painfully impact on our self-esteem and happiness.

Releasing Judgements…

Now it is time to shed these judgements about yourself and any stories that limit your being or expression in the world. You are a child of the Universe. Release all judgements that keep you in separation consciousness. Now it is time to clear and heal the roots of judgement and blame. As we transform the rigid mindset of judgement, along with its harsh language of separation and all painful associated energies, this allows for a greater opening to the more fluid mindset of discernment. This mindset speaks in terms of useful/not useful right now, helpful/not helpful right now, uplifting/not uplifting right now, loving/not loving right now and so on.

About this Track…

Music by Laurentiu Florea. Clear Subconscious Negativity (Deciduous Forest Day Songbirds, 6HZ Theta Binaurals)

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8 responses

  1. Mirror meditation idea given to me in sleep state. On waking found your meditation and it was AMAZING. Thank you from the centre of my heart. I feel so much lighter.

  2. So powerful, thank you
    It helped me realise how many judgements lay hidden beneath the surface.

  3. This makes me realize how everything is a creation of our self, we can create, dissolve. No one has a real power over our reality. Thanks for this wonderful meditation. As usual very appreciate.

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