Everything your body does is connected in some way to your nervous system. It assists your consciousness to move, think, speak and learn. It is your internal control mechanism that relates to your senses and memories. It is the system that tells your heart to keep beating and your lungs to keep breathing. In this ascending world there is a lot of volatility and stress.

This transmission is designed to help your nervous system release, heal, and upgrade to a new level of vibration. This transmission begins in the heart chakra and from there radiates out into the central and peripheral nervous systems. It is recommended that you repeat this transmission as often as you feel necessary. This transmission came into being to help my own nervous system that was feeling frazzled. It was also birthed to help my partner in her healing journey. As always, what works for us, we assume will help and assist others in their healing-awakening journey.

Music by Corey White (One Mind Body Soul) – Happiness_Euphoria Binaural Beat + Isochronic Tone.


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