Free Extract: Forgiveness Workshop From Higher Self/Spirit.

“No one is to blame for how you feel.” Dismissing and pushing down an emotion or experience does not constitute forgiveness. Stop blaming others for your life circumstances and daily way of being by becoming an empowered person! Cat Baldwin is the owner of The Wellness Sanctuary Spiritual Teaching and Healing Center. She is also […]

Free Extract: A Gentle Hug for the Soul

HIGHLY COMMENDED in the Soul&Spirit Book Awards 2019 for Best Spiritual Real Life Story. This is a book you are going to want to read. Providing you with really simple ways to manage stressful situations. Divorce, bereavement, house move, job loss, marriage, pregnancy, new business….. “These are all major life events that happen to most of us. […]

Free Extract: Discovering Your Mastery

The two authors of this book combine nearly fifty years of research, life experience, and healing intervention to deliver these unique messages of light. They offer a well-thought compilation of spiritual wisdom that reveals the spiritual heritage of every living soul, universal codes within your DNA that, when unlocked, will generate the life you were […]