Podcast: Activate Your Cosmic DNA – Discover Your Starseed Family.

Eva Marquez is a spiritual consultant, soul healer, teacher and writer. She works with her guides – the Lights of the Universe who are a collective group of light beings from various star nations (Pleiades included). She is the author of Activate Your Cosmic DNA: Discover Your Starseed Family from the Pleiades, Sirius, Andromeda, Centaurus, […]

Super-Quick Metatron/Venus Protective Light Meditation.

“I am 1000% deserving, willing, worthy, capable of fully receiving the spectrum of higher light being offered right now, this light increases the vibration of my bones, blood, cells, DNA. As I increase my core vibration I am open to attracting and allowing more love, abundance, vitality into my life.”- Steve Nobel Introduction to this […]