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Super-Quick Metatron/Venus Protective Light Meditation.

“I am 1000% deserving, willing, worthy, capable of fully receiving the spectrum of higher light being offered right now, this light increases the vibration of my bones, blood, cells, DNA. As I increase my core vibration I am open to attracting and allowing more love, abundance, vitality into my life.”- Steve Nobel

Introduction to this Metatron/Venus Protective Light Meditation…

In this meditation we invite Metatron to create a protective column of Gold-White light from the Great central Sun within and around you that descends deep into the earth’s core. We call upon Archangel Sandalphon to ground this column into the crystalline core of the Earth.

We next invite Archangels from Venus to transmit a pearlescent pink light into this gold-white column. Then th Archangels from Venus send two disks of pearlescent pink light down this column. Both pass through your field into the crystalline grid. They return carrying the crystalline light of the earth. One settles beneath your feet. The other passes again through your field three or four feet over your head.

Metatron’s Cube and the 5-Petals of Venus…

We call the symbol of Metatron’s cube into the four sides of this column, facing East, South, West and North. We invite the Archangels of venus to send a symbol of Venus into the disk above head and below feet. (This symbol is the 5 petals of Venus).

Allow the Meditation to Intensify…

We call on Metatron and Archangels from Venus to intensify the light of this column within you and around you which raises your vibration to a higher light which in turn protects you from lower vibrational interference in this ascending plane. This meditation was recently offered during a live InsightTimer event.)

Music by…

Loula Love – this music track is called The Adventure (528Hz + 174Hz ).

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  1. Beautiful and empowering meditation.
    The energy of Venus has been calling me to me for some time and this meditation deeply resonates with me.

  2. I Am very grateful for your gifts and your sharing of these videos and making them available to everyone. I always get a chuckle whenI see the title of super quick and the video is 22 minutes long. May you be Divinely Blessed in all ways and always.

  3. Oh my! They deserve to take tea breaks considering how hard they work. I hear them laughing with love. Thank you for the sweetness.

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